Online Reputation Management Services


You like it or not people are talking about brands online, and your potential customers are more often reading these conversations, reviews and going through web to find out what people say about your brand. By not listening to these conversation your brand has high chances of meeting with PR crisis, may be today or tomorrow, but its going to happen for sure.

Our ORM Packages starts from $999/month

ORM: Its not just managing negative comments on the web,

its more than that…

Competition Tracking

Competition Tracking:

You can track what people talk about your competion, you can track consumer sentiments for your competition and understand where they are lacking. This also helps you understand where your brand stands today against competion.

Market Research

Market Research:

Conversations happening on web are often ones with utmost honesty. Deep diving in forums & blogs can reveal what people actually feel about a product or a service.

Social CRM

Social CRM:

Social Media pages are one of the best places to manage complaints or concerns which your consumers have. As it happens on your page, the outcome can be controlled and it enhances brand image.

Real Time Listening

Marketing Strategy:

Web conversations if heard well can give deep insight of product and services, it also helps us understand the pain area consumers have. Companies can use it effectively to create their marketing strategy for launch of new products or services.


Our ring-fencing strategy secures your brand from any possible threat

  • We find out what people talk about your brand or about you as an individual
  • We track sentiments of your brand on the web
  • We segment conversations into positive, negative & neutral
  • We decide action to be taken based on nature of conversations
  • We deal with negative complaints/comments
  • We create strategies to push down overall negativity about the brand
  • We also work towards removing or pushing down negative results of your brand in Google searches.
  • We secure your brand completely, everything is confidential, you have our word on this
  • We also offer services for helping pushing down negative results of your brand in searches
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