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Started new business ? Or want to tap new customers for your existing business ? SEM or Paid Marketing can help you get it instantly. Do not feel envy seeing your competition ranking on first page of Google, you can beat them immediately if you are ready to spend few bucks on Google, MSN or Bing.

Our PPC Services Starts from $499/month

Why Paid Marketing Services work for you?

3 more reasons that will help you decide…

Intent of buying

Intent of buying:

People are very serious and have clear intent if taking up services or purchasing product when they are searching in Google or Yahoo. In-fact conversion percentages are as high as 15% if you take help of experts.

Get customers instantly

Get customers instantly:

Unlike other types of marketing such as SEO which is long terem and traffic depends on ranking, search marketing is consistent and keeps delivering customers as long as you spend.

Reach relevant audiences

Reach relevant audiences:

With services like Display advertising, you can target relevant websites to show your ad on. This way you can target super specific people with demographics and interests that match your services or products.

Helps in SEO

Helps in SEO:

Yes you read it correct, not directly but with paid marketing, you can actually monitor which keywords are performing better for your business. This can be a key component for devising your SEO strategies.


How Our Team helps you achicve your goals..

  • We analyze your business and study your competition
  • We do extensive keyword research to find out best suited keywords
  • We create/design your landing page for better conversion
  • We setup the entire campaign on Adwords or Bing
  • We ensure that GQS (Google Quality Score) is maximized
  • For Display Ads, we use catchy click bait banners that capture the audience’s attention.
  • We manage and monitor your entire campaign from start to finish.
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Google Ad Words


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Display Advertising


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Yahoo/Bing Advertising


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