10 Digital Marketing Trends to Adapt in 2016

10 Digital Marketing Trends to Adapt in 2016

2015 has been a great year for the Digital Marketing industry. Now that 2016 is here, it is time that we gear up for the changes and adapt new marketing trends that we will see taking effect in this year.

1. Live Video streaming
Live video sharing is gaining popularity day-by-day. When Periscope began in April 2015, it reported 1 million subscriptions within 10 days of the launch of the product and later that year in the month of August hit the 10 million users mark. On the other hand, Facebook’s live-streaming function known as “Live” is in already featuring in Facebook’s Mentions app. Facebook bets that people are looking to live-stream, and as a user, even if you haven’t shared a video live, you must have definitely viewed a live video. That alone shows how even the biggest social media platform is making way for video streaming.

2. Video Marketing
YouTube alone has almost 34% of all people on the internet. The independent content creators are gaining popularity on YouTube. According to YouTube, creators have filmed and produced over 10,000 videos which have generated 1 billion views and over 70 million hours of watch time. Facebook’s auto-play function has been beneficial in grasping the attention of people. It has seen the number of video posts increase by 75% in 2015 alone. Therefore, spreading your message through an interactive video has a higher chance of gaining traction rather than just an image or a post.

3. Performance Marketing
Affiliates and Influencers are a great way of gaining followers. Mega Bloggers and industry experts have their own following and they mentioning a brand or product make an impression on their followers. Affiliate Marketing, has been tried by various brands in 2015 and have shown great results, thus, they are bound to increase in 2016, creating a whole new trend.

4. Employee Advocacy
With the increasing competition in on social media, reaching more people organically has become absolutely necessary. Having company employees spread the word personally on social media increases the reach of the company. Getting employees to share company updates on social media is an easier and cheaper way to reach a larger audiences. Not only is it cheaper and easier, but more reliable too as messages from employees are 6x more trustworthy. Employees become brand advocates and a higher rate of conversion can be expected. Increasing competition has opened up the gates for employee advocacy and will be in high demand in 2016.

5. Re-targeting
Reaching the existing clients is going to be absolutely essential. The millennial generation is not a very brand loyal generation. It is all about the shine and glamour that attracts the millennial generation. Although it is difficult to keep getting back the customers, re-targeting is going to be an integral part of the marketing strategy in 2016.

6. Live Chats
With the e-commerce industry booming, the personal touch with the consumers is somewhere lost in the mix. With the introduction to live chats on e-commerce websites, the personal touch will make a comeback in 2016. Not just the website, even on social media, when replying to people’s grievances, it must not be based on templates or standard messages. A lot of emphasis on human communication will be given in 2016.

7. Rich Media Pins
Social media slowly and subtly turning to be commercial platforms. With Pinterest growing the integration with top platforms such as IBM Commerce, Magento, Bigcommerce, Shopify, etc. creating rich pins is has become less of a hassle. With Facebook and Twitter introducing the buy buttons to their social media platforms; it is evident that the “BUY” button will be a hot thing in 2016. Besides, 35% of millennials said they were likely to use a Buy button on Facebook or social sharing platforms.

8. Organic Reach
One of the biggest challenges on search and social media is reaching the customers organically. Facebook’s aim to create the most interesting stream of content has made it easy for people to categorize the news they like to view but at the same time has increased the task of the marketers to reach customers organically. Therefore creating personalized and highly relevant content in order to increase organic reach will be a high priority.

9. Content Marketing
Digital marketing as a whole is becoming content-centric. With the evolution of the Facebook News Feed, more and more stress will be given on creation of new and consumer-friendly content. New options for publishing content online will open up, thanks to instant articles and moments tabs on Facebook and Twitter respectively. The content will become more consumer/industry focussed.

10. Mobile First
According to Global Web Index, 80% of Internet users own a smartphone. In the second quarter of 2015, Google announced that the total number of searchers on handhelds had surpassed desktop searches. It’s newly launched app-indexing algorithm will only boost mobile searches and in-apps data.


Leonard D'Souza

Leonard is the Assistant Manager of SEO for SocioSquares. Mainly focusing and writing on tech related subjects. Write back to him on leonardd(at)sociosquares(dot)com.