Highlights from Day 3 at SXSW 2019

The past weekend at SXSW 2019 has been all I hoped it would be. From attending some extremely informative sessions and meeting new people to just being part of the absolutely electric atmosphere, I’d be crazy to rate it anything less than stellar.

Employee Advocacy Starts with Work Culture

Employees are a valuable asset that you can leverage to increase your company’s social media reach and content visibility. Employee advocacy, although a relatively new marketing technique, has been perceived as being a cost-effective way to achieve this.  More companies are beginning to realize that employees have the power to create a reach beyond that of the CEO and the brand’s official pages in promoting products and services across their own social networks. All while instilling trust in the brand and its expertise.

How to Choose the Best Email Database

Social media isn’t a buzzword anymore. It’s now a business for everyone. Many organizations are leaving websites and email address books, to focus their efforts predominantly on their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts.

Disengaged Employees? 9 Tips to Engage Them

Employees are a company’s greatest asset, and you’ve probably heard that a million times already. Of course what you don’t know is that not many companies take advantage of that. In fact, today’s work environments leave a lot to be desired.

How to Boost Engagement on Social Platforms with Employee Advocacy

In today’s world with internet access, possibilities are endless. Brands in their different fields are competing with one another to gain a lot of eyeballs and sales. Whether its offline marketing or online channels, brands want their presence to be known far and wide. Typically, brands would tweet or post about their products, work out stunning visuals and go ahead with posting them on various channels, be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.