Google’s Hawk Update: Who Benefits and Who Doesn’t

Although Google does not publicize its updates, the latest algorithm update is a big boost to businesses that had been crowded out by stronger competitors in near proximity. Google calls the new update Hawk, and it might as well be poetic because hawks prey on Possum(s) – Google’s previous algorithm update.

The Hawk update changes the way Google’s local filters work. Here’s a rundown of what’s changing, what’s not and who actually comes out of this one as winners.
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2016’s Top Mobile Rank Tracking Tools

The 2015 Comcast report revealed that the number of worldwide mobile internet users has surpassed those of desktops i.e. 1900 million, as compared to the latter’s 1700 million users. This gulf is only set to widen with increased adoption of mobile devices as a primary source of accessing the web. Marketers, therefore, need to pay close attention to this traffic channel as it is bound to drive a large amount of traffic to websites in the near future.
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10 Tools that every Brand Marketer must be familiar with

With online marketing gaining more and more attention; it is quintessential for brand marketers to know, how their brands are being perceived in the web space. Every marketer today needs to be well versed with the tools that help monitor the performance of their brands in the digital space. Currently, there is an abundance of tools online that analyse the performance and engagement of the audience with any particular brand online. That being said, we have put together a list of 10 crème de la crème tools that every brand manager must be familiar with:

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