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Ecommerce Seller Advocacy


  • In Ecommerce marketplace brands, there are a large number of sellers registered with a portal but not all of them get the visibility.
  • Sellers have to wait for the opportunity for their products to be a part of the emailer or online ad campaigns for a push in sales.
  • Not all products of a seller get the visibility in the ecommerce brand’s campaigns.
  • Many sellers keep refreshing their product portfolio quickly and the ecommerce brand cannot push their products on the same pace considering there are hundreds of sellers and thousands of products.
  • Ecommerce sellers have their personal pages and accounts on social media which consist of audience that is not be same as the ecommerce portal’s audience. That audience is untapped by the brand’s marketing communication.


  • SocioAdvocacy provides ecommerce marketplace sellers with a custom panel where they can see their store.
  • They can share the products from the store directly on their personal social networks with the product page link.
  • SocioAdvocacy also allows sellers to choose pre-made text templates to go along with their shared posts, so they can share the products with a sales copy in just one click.


Expected Results:

  • Increase in conversions from Social Media.
  • More control of the product promotion with the seller.
  • Decrease in cost per acquisition through Social Media.
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