Facebook has released a major change in its Advertising Campaign structure that apparently will ease the job of advertisers and help them to organize their ads better. This update will also impact tools like adSpringr that help in optimization of Facebook advertising.

Let us discuss what this update is and how it will impact the advertisers:

Structural update
Earlier, Facebook advertising had a two level structure. This has been changed to a three level structure now.

Old Facebook Ad Structure


• contained one or more ads.

• You could control the budget and schedule for each campaign.

• You could activate or pause a campaign and it would be applicable to all ads under it.


• You could define creative, audience and bidding for each ad.

• You could create multiple ads so Facebook could optimize the creative.

• You could activate or pause an ad.

New Facebook Ad Structure

A new level called ‘Ad Set’ has been added between Campaign and Ads. Let us try to understand the new levels.


According to the new structure, the campaign level has been made more powerful.

• You can setup a campaign according to your marketing objective (clicks to website, page likes etc.)

• You can get reporting on aggregate stats for multiple ad sets and ads.

• You can turn on or off campaigns and it will apply to all ad sets and ads.

Ad Sets

Ad Sets will have same functionality that Campaign had earlier.

• An Ad Set can contain one or more ads.

• You can control the budget and schedule for each Ad Set.

• You can turn on or off the ad sets and it will apply to all ads under the ad set.


Ads will function the same way they did earlier

How Does the New Structure Benefit You?

According to Facebook, the new structure has 3 main benefits for advertisers

1.Organize your campaigns into objectives

You will now be able to set an objective (eg. Clicks to website, page likes, app installs etc.) for a campaign. you will also be able to group the ads that target the same audience into ad sets. The ad sets will be used to schedule budgets for each or the audience segments.

2.Optimize audiences

It will become easy for you to compare the performance of audiences in the same campaign. Additionally, you will be able to compare the performance of multiple ads. You will be able to schedule and set the budget at the Ad Set level. You will also be able to control ON/OFF controls at any of the three levels to control delivery.

3.Measure performance with aggregate stats

Now, you can get reports of how your ad has performed including total reach, for all the three levels. You will also be able to use the ads reporting tool to breakdown ad performance according to different parameters like demographics, geography and placement. This will further help you to optimize audiences.

How Will this Change Affect Your Existing Ads?

This change will not affect the delivery, spend or performance of the ads in your current campaigns. The only change that will be seen would be that a default ad set would be created within your old campaigns and it would contain all the ads under that campaign.

How do you think Facebook’s new Ad structure will affect you? Do you think it is going to be having a great impact on your advertising? Or do you think it is merely a cosmetic change? Tell us in comments below.

This post had first appeared on Adspringr and has been re-published here.



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