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Guest Advocacy for Hospitality Chains


  • A very small percentage of guests who visit the hotels actually go online and talk about the experience.
  • Guests who have had a good experience are less prone to writing online reviews than those who have had a bad experience.
  • People write their reviews more on third party travel sites as compared to the brand’s Facebook page.
  • There is an opportunity for guests to engage with the brand and explore the properties.
  • It is a challenge to connect with the guests once their stay is done.


  • SocioAdvocacy’s guest advocacy platform allows every guest to get a username and password to access the hotel Wi-Fi. When the guests connect their devices with the Wi-Fi, they see the branded advocacy panel.
  • The panel allows guests to view and share the brand’s social media content as well as write reviews on the brand’s Facebook page directly. Also, there are other engagement modules that help get user-generated content and allow guests to discover the hotel property more.
  • Each time the guest engages with an element of the SocioAdvocacy panel, they earn reward points. These points can be redeemed for goodies or discounts in the hotel’s café and restaurant.

Expected Results:

  • Increase in organic reach on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Increase in Positive reviews on the Facebook page.
  • Rise in Guest generated content on social media.
  • Increase in the number of guests coming through referrals from past guests.
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