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How Employee Advocacy can be a Game Changer for your Company

Social media is no longer just a collection of digital marketing tactics. Gone are the days when being present on social media alone was good enough for the brands. Well, not anymore. Social Media has evolved into a channel that lets brands connect with clients and prospective clients to provide information that could potentially solve their business problems. Some brands have known it for a while. They have realised that Social Media is not about brand and technology. It is about people and trustworthy relationships. But how can a brand make and effectively nurture relationships with people on social media? The answer is – by Employee Advocacy.

Employee Advocacy is described as the publicity that the employees generate for their company by using various online tools like Social media, forums, email etc. While many smart companies have already understood its potential and have started using it, some are not yet aware about it or are still deciding on whether to implement it. If you fall in the latter category and are still not convinced if you need an employee advocacy program, read on to know how it can be of great help for your organisation.


1) Boosts Social Media Presence

No matter how big your social media presence is, there are always more people you can tap using your employee force. To explain this, on left side, take the number of your brand’s social media connections and on the right side take the summation of all the contacts in the networks of your employees. There are high chances that the number on the right will be higher than that on left. Your employees have friends and contacts that are on social media but are not aware of your brand. When your employees share your company’s communication on their accounts, it automatically travels beyond your brand’s reach.

2) Increases Employee Engagement

When employees feel that the company considers them vital and puts faith in them, they tend to work harder. By giving them the responsibility of spreading the word and rewarding them for it, you are telling them that you care. When employees are engaged on social media and are proud to show off their company’s communication, they become invaluable. Also, this helps them look like thought leaders.

3) Drives Sales

When your employees vouch for you, social media selling success follows. A Nielsen report revealed that 90% of people trust brand recommendations from people they know. That explains why the lead to conversion rate of social selling is 15% – 5 times more than the rate for conventional marketing.

People trust people like them before buying anything for recommendations. When you expose the wide set of employees on social media, there are high chances that the employees will be able to connect and build relationships with potential customers.

4) Establishes Employees as Thought Leaders

When you allow your employees to advocate on Social Media for their company, you show that you are interested in building up their personal branding as well. When your employees share the company’s official communication, they come across as industry thought leaders in front of their friends and acquaintances. This can be of great benefit to them on a personal level.

5) Provides Customers with Meaningful Interactions

Your employees have friends and contacts on social media who know them personally and professionally. When those friends of employees have queries about your brand, they will know that your employees are the best source of information and they don’t have to talk to a bot. Your existing and potential customers will lay more trust in social media because of this. They will perceive your employees as experts and will make better relationships with them.

It is evident that Employee Advocacy benefits all three – the company, the employees and the customers. Setting up and running an employee advocacy program takes time, efforts and resources. But it is important to keep the above benefits in mind. It will eventually pay off when your employees are respected as thought leaders in the industry and your bottom line figures go up.

SocioAdvocacy is one such tool that helps companies of all sizes setup and execute employee advocacy programs. This tool is customizable as per the brand’s requirements and allows you to track performance all along. Click here to know more or to request a demo.

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