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How to get more commercial HVAC leads online

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Well, there’s no debating the power of will when it comes to making a business succeed. But in a world, where 90% of customers use the internet to find local businesses, your business needs something more – leads. This is where plenty of businesses end up putting in a lot of effort and gaining precious little. Whether your HVAC business’s leads blow hot or cold depends on the strategy and tactics you put into play. Here are 6 tried and tested ways that will help your business generate more HVAC leads. 

1. Create a website that’s SEO-ready

A good website is essential not just to catch the attention of customers but also to get into the viewing range of Google. However, it will take a few additional details over and above a design template and content about your business and its services. Here are a few tips to create and upload a website that’ll get you on the path to increasing your leads.

Keep it SEO-Friendly

When constructing your content pages, it’s important to keep one thing in consideration. People stop to check relevant content. Google stops to check relevant keywords. Figure out highly searched keywords in your category and use them generously in your content pages.

Make it easy to navigate

Imagine shopping in a mall where you have a hard time getting to what you want. Make your website easy to navigate from top to bottom and everywhere across.

Increase your page speed

Loading. A factor that’s disliked by surfers and Google alike. So, if you want to be noticed and liked by both, develop a website with as short a loading time as possible.

Make it mobile-friendly

It’s not enough that you develop a website that opens without a glitch on desktop computers and laptops. With over 50% traffic on the web coming from mobile users, that’s a great big community you don’t want to miss out on.

2.Understand Your Target Audience 

If you’re a fan of spy-based movies, you’ll recall how the intelligence on one or both sides spend considerable time and resources to tail and study everything about their target. Well, you won’t need to go to that extent to profile your customer but you get the idea. Ask the following questions to clearly understand your target audience, which will translate into more efficient results for your lead generating efforts.


What businesses are you targeting?

What is the most important consideration for your target audience?

What is the average age group of your target customers?

What is their present pattern of sourcing solutions?

3. You aren’t local without local SEO

It’s an instinctive habit in today’s digital world. The moment we need something, we reach out for our phone and look for it online. With your local SEO in place, whenever a customer in your location or geographical area searches for HVAC services, your business listing and details will show up in the Google search. Here are a few local HVAC SEO strategies that will help you.


Choose the products / services you want your business to rank for

Run an audit on your website to check if it’s SEO-solid

Research the keywords targeted by your competitors

Look for geo-specific keywords that’ll work for your business

Create landing pages that are optimized with the geo-specific keywords you select

Follow On-Page SEO best practices to ensure your site is optimized for local search

Create an account for your business on Google My Business

Generate positive customer reviews for your business on the Google My Business platform

4. Run a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign

Customers in need of services like those offered by your business will put in ‘emergency HVAC services’ or ‘best HVAC services’ or even ‘HVAC services near me’ in their search bars. If you have a PPC campaign targeting one or more specific sets of keywords associated with your service domain, your ad will show in the search engine results.

5. Manage online reviews

Customers are constantly looking for businesses that are top rated by other customers with similar needs to theirs. So, the more positive or star rated reviews your business showcases on your site and on platforms like Google, Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp and more, the better your reputation in the online universe and chances of customers visiting your website and hopefully, engaging with your business.

6. Invest in Outbound Marketing

What do you do when you get tired of waiting for someone to call you? You call them up. It’s either that or losing the opportunity of connecting with that person. That in simple terms, is the purpose of outbound marketing. You initiate the conversation by sending out a message from your end. Not through the proverbial bottle but via email, a cold call and sales material. And though not as measurable as inbound marketing – google ads, content marketing etc,. outbound marketing can still play a helpful  role in expanding your reach to the world around you.

Increasing the leads of your HVAC business may not seem as big a challenge when you know who your customer is, where they can be found, what they’re looking for and how best to get into their radar. After that, it’s all about putting the right strategy to work and giving it time. So, in addition to looking out for local seo for hvac contractors or seo services for hvac companies, try out the tips listed above. As the wise SEO expert says, “You started your HVAC business and brought it to this point, despite every challenge in your way. Now what could possibly be harder than that?”

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