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Identifying Your Brand’s Ambassadors

Regardless of the industry, one thing will always stay constant. Trust breeds trust.

If people don’t trust your brand, others will follow suit. If people do trust you though, that’s the honey you need to attract more over to you.

Think of the world of online reviews. The power of word-of-mouth, even in the digital realm, is sometimes more than enough to get the ball rolling.

Yes, Ad spends will account for something. But it won’t make one ounce of difference if people don’t like you. With the limitations that the evil overlords (otherwise called algorithms) bring to the table, it only gets tougher for brands to get their message out there without a solid fan following.

So how do you identify your fan-base?

Savvy marketers will know that in the real world, it’s the real things – case studies, testimonials, and reviews – that actually matter. It’s the logical and emotional appeal that account for true results. Your paid advertising will show you the numbers, but what happens after the monies are pumped in?

When you’re ready to take on the light that can shine on your brand just by the voices of those loyal to you, then here’s what you need to keep an eye out for.

5 Unique Characteristics of Brand Advocates 

  1. They don’t shy away from being loud about the brand they advocate
  2. They know stuff about the brand
  3. They feel a personal sense of pride for the brand
  4. They genuinely want to help
  5. They’re influencers in their own right

Brand advocates are vocal. Very vocal.

They’re kind of hard to miss really. Be it on social media sites, or general review sites, a true brand advocate never shy’s away from showing their love for the brand.

A closer look will also tell you that they are quick to defend your brand when needed. Sometimes being even more effective than your own reputation management team.

They keep themselves informed 

Because of their immense love for the brand, it’s probably a safe bet to assume that there’s little that goes past them. In fact, they’re looked at as sources of information by their peers, and (insert the first characteristic here) they love to share what they know.

It’s a matter of pride

They keep themselves informed because they know their peers look to them for information. It’s what sets them apart from the others. And it’s this that motivates them. The recognition of having built their own personal brand within their own networks.

They want to help. No ulterior motive 

Brand advocates aren’t in the game for glory, fame, or monetary compensation. They do it for the sole purpose of getting the brand message out there.

They’re connected to their networks

Brand advocates may not necessarily be in the center of a marketing conference. Or topping a networking event. But what they do have going for them is that their peers and connections pay attention to what they’re saying. Because they’ve built their personal brand and expertise in the area.

Did you know that about 50% of a company’s workforce is already talking about the brand online?

If investing time and effort in identifying and nurturing your employee advocates is something you’d be interested in, get in touch. We’ll show you how.

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