9 Essentials to Market Your iOS App

Marketing is a function you need to take up for the launch of any new product and this can be done in two phases viz. Pre-Launch and Post-Launch.

As of May 2015, Apple’s App Store became the second-largest app store with close to 1.7 million apps. Therefore, it is necessary for the developers and firms marketing the apps to know how to get the masses to download their app.

A few simple ways to market your iOS App online:

  • Create a Blog or a Website: It is very important to have a website or a blog when it comes to marketing an iOS app. It’s where users can come and learn about the app or product even before it is on the App Store. Also it shows and proves the authenticity of the app and gives more exposure to your products.If you have more than one app, the blog or website can also be a centre point for the users to know about your other apps and products. The key is not making the website so full of content, that users get bored, for this one page websites are the best. Provide working links to download the app and to attach to your social media. Keep the social media involvement to the minimal on the website.

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  • Videos can Work Wonders
    Marketing an iOS app through a video is the best and easiest way to get your message across to the audiences. A demo video allows you to show in a very short time what your app is all about. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, think of the impact a video can achieve over the masses. A few tips to produce an efficient demo video:
  1. Consider your audience. Keeping your app target audience in mind at all times when creating your script and video is the key in creating a good plot.
  2. Write a script. It’s best to have a short story in place for making a good script so that the video not only has your product in it but also a good meaning and a message in it. The key is keeping it short and sweet within 20 seconds and 45 seconds.
  3. Focus on the benefits and added value of your app. Make it efficient. Keep things dynamic and avoid boring. The goal is to show what your app is all about, but you also want people to remember it and be able to download it.
  4. Keep it simple. If you’re not a video expert, it’s safer to keep it simple so don’t use crazy cheap-looking effects or complicated scenario. A simple structure like intro -> core features/gameplay of the app -> outro is most likely enough. Make sure the app name, icon and a call to action are displayed, inviting viewers to download the app on the app store. Displaying your website address helps, too.

Chipotle and Moonbot Studios together produced an animated film and a mobile game called “Scarecrow” as part a campaign. As a branding initiative, it’s generating crazy results with the advertising video they released. In its first two weeks, the YouTube video saw about 6.5 million views and within four days of the mobile game’s releasing, it was already downloaded 250,000 times.

  • Social Media Presence
    No matter how you feel about social media platforms, it goes unsaid that most of your iOS app marketing is going to be done on these platforms itself. This social media presence also works as a mega platform for users or visitors of the app to give feedbacks.
    Make your presence felt. Create a page or group so that people can see and discuss about your product. Use call-to-action buttons to re-direct users directly to the app store. Run a particular type of #hashtag campaign! The hashtag can be either the tagline of the product or something that has to do with the function of the app or tells more about the app. All the social media platforms use hashtags these days, and you can keep a track on the trend of the particular hashtag.
    Don’t be just on one or two social media platforms. Social Media platforms come and go. But, being into IT, you should be on top of the social network, marketing iOS apps on as many platforms as possible, so that you don’t lack on social media presence.

Some successful hashtags campaigns: White House #getcovered, Doritos #crashthesuperbowl, NASA’s #GlobalSelfie

  • Get Feedbacks
    Feedbacks can be received through various platforms such as your Facebook page, Twitter page or people posting with your Hashtags. But the most important place to get a feedback is on the App Store itself by getting the feedback from the actual users, but also you have to make sure to keep only the relevant feedback, for the reference of the visitors. To be better than what you currently are, you can take up pre-launch feedbacks, so that on launch day and after that, you are better than how you started out. These can be done with the help of third party sites, who undertake apps for testing and feasibility study, providing on a feedback at the end.


  • App Store Optimization
    You can’t just market your iOS app without doing a little of App Store Optimization. That only means you should do everything you can to give your app as much visibility as possible on the App Store itself. And convert all your visitors into users! Some of them are common sense, but it never hurts to check. Talking about optimization, Search Engine Optimization is another tool you must use to market iOS apps. This only boosts the search result of your product.Forbes and KissMetrics have broken down and explained in detail the process of App Store Optimization.
  • Cross-Promote Your App
    If you’re serious about building an app business or marketing iOS apps, then you should create more than one app. If your apps are interdependent, then your target audience is more or less similar in all these different apps, then you have a huge opportunity for cross-promotion. This means that even a free app, with no revenue model whatsoever, can be a great first step to a second and third apps that generate revenue and can make good for the first app.
    As said earlier, you can have a single website or different websites for the various apps, and can cross-promote on your app websites, on your blog, on your email list, within your apps, by sending push notifications, on social media, etc. As long as the message you’re sending is relevant to people receiving it. If you have only one app to start with, you can reach out to other developers with apps targeting the same niche (but not direct competitors) and offer them to do a partnership. You can start really small (tweets, in-app messages, etc.), and see where that goes.
  • Paid Advertising
    Paid Advertising is by far the best way to market your iOS app and let people know about your app. Although it may be the best way to promote your iOS app, knowing where to place your advertisement can impact a lot on the entire marketing strategy. So not just paying for advertisement, but also placing them at appropriate places at appropriate times can impact sale and market awareness of the product.There are various platforms that have ready to use tools to advertise. Social Media Platforms allow you to use filters so as to reach your target audience. All you need is the creative content to put in with attractive words so as to catch the attention of your target audience.fb-ad-stream1
  • Launch Day – The Final Kill!
    Launch Day for the app should be the peak of your “marketing crescendo” even though the marketing activities for the app may go on even after the launch.All we talked about up until now leads to this. Except if you went for a soft launch (or released your app in another country first), this is the time you have to create as much noise and buzz as possible.This is when you should get bloggers and journalists to write about your app and give reviews about it (if they post a link to the App Store directly, then make sure your app is actually on there – it takes time for it to become available worldwide).
    You need to inform and intimate everyone that showed an interest or gave you a feedback and helped you, that your app is ready; email list, Facebook followers and friends, Twitter followers, forum buddies, readers of your blog, real-life friends and developers…Everyone!Let them know it’s HERE!Get your app in people’s hands, get great ratings and build momentum.
  • Improve Engagement with Push Notifications
    Push notifications can be great to keep your users informed and go to your app; new content available that they care about, any special offers or some cross promotion, etc. can be done through push notifications.Your users don’t necessarily check out your app often, but if they still have it on their phone it probably means that they have decided it brings them enough value. And you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to them.Don’t abuse it though, or they will soon consider you spam them and won’t want to hear about your app anymore.Take a look at various apps and their offers, and find the right fit for your app and budget.

Marketing your app can’t be an afterthought. Neither can it be a one-time effort.

It’s about:

  1. Building the right app and building it right
  2. Finding what makes users come back to your app
  3. Listening to users and other developers’ feedback
  4. Building an online presence
  5. Engaging people and generating interest
  6. Optimizing your app store page
  7. Reaching out the right way
  8. Doing cross promotion
  9. Choosing the right promo campaigns
  10. Keeping on measuring to know what works and what doesn’t

It’s really not easy. But it can be rewarding, and you’ll learn plenty along the way.


Leonard D'Souza

Leonard is the Assistant Manager of SEO for SocioSquares. Mainly focusing and writing on tech related subjects. Write back to him on leonardd(at)sociosquares(dot)com.