How to Make Facebook tabs work on mobile!

You have created a fantastic Facebook Application for your campaign. Great!

You have created the tab for the app on your page and are expecting a lot of engagement on it. But did you know that Facebook tabs have a limitation that they work only on desktops and not on mobile devices?

Here’s a workaround to get your Facebook page tab to work on mobile and reach out to a wider set of audience across platforms.

You can achieve this is 3 simple steps:

Step 1:
Create a mobile-friendly facebook application i.e. the design should be responsive.
Keep the original URL of the application handy. This is not the Facebook app URL but the URL of where the application is originally hosted.

Step 2:
Create a user agent checker URL. Based on the user agent, any LAMP programmer can easily write a code and re-direct it to either the Facebook tab app or directly to the mobile-friendly URL of the application.

Step 3:
Use a URL shortener- like for sharing the link on your Facebook page or other places. This also helps you hide the new URL.

Here’s an example of how we built a cross-platform compatible Facebook app:

Step 1:
We created a Facebook Application called “Dealfie”.
The URL takes you to the app. Once you are there, it requires you to accept the Facebook application terms.


Now, try opening the same URL on your mobile.
You will see that Facebook displays Error 404 “Page not found” as illustrated below.


Step 2:
We created a URL which can check the browser on which the application is being called on and redirect it to either Facebook or a different destination.
On opening this URL on a desktop, it will open as
Now try opening this URL on mobile.
It would open:
This is same as the URL that Facebook calls as an IFRAME on the tab.

Step 3:
Using a standard URL shortener, we created a new URL and hid the landing URL.
This new URL can be used to share on Facebook and other social platforms
Now try opening this URL. It will open something like below once you have accepted Facebook app terms.


If you found this hack useful or if it worked for you, share your experience in the comments.

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