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Reach Maximum Audience on Social Media with Employee Advocacy

Employees are often regarded as the best assets of a company. But as an employer or marketer, have you ever imagined how influential are your employees in their social media circle? Are they being tapped as social advocates for the company? Are you making optimum use of your resources by making your employees, brand advocates on social media?

Companies these days are trying to make the best out of their presence on Social Media and trying hard to reach to their fans and followers, alas the Facebook algorithms and Twitter feeds do not aid this effort.

Let’s look at a typical scenario of a company, struggling to get reach and engagement on social platforms with & without the support of their employees:

company chartThe above illustrative graphs highlight the post reach of two companies X and Y on their respective social media platforms. Company Y has tapped in their employee strength of 100, who have almost 200 people each in their circle. These employees have shared the post of the company hence reaching more than double the people than the reach of Company X. Thus, with the help of employees, the Company Y could reach a larger audience as compared to Company X.

Employee Advocacy, in a nutshell, is word of mouth publicity done by employees on their social media profiles. It acts as a booster to the digital and social media efforts of the company. The post remains highly authentic, as the audiences see, that an employee of the company has shared a post, rather than an outsider. The post automatically gains more weight on the online communities they are shared on.

Weber Shandwick in a recent report stated some amazing facts. They recorded that 88% people use social media sites at least once a day. Though the activity on Social Media is this high, only 13% employees are engaged in Social Media for their employers says Ciceron. Therefore, it is important for the companies to adapt employee advocacy.

If you are still asking yourself – Why Employee Advocacy? Then you are asking the wrong question.You rather ask, Why not! After all, it is an untapped treasure for organisations to boost their Social Presence.

Check out our SocioAdvocacy’s employee advocacy platform to get your employee brand advocates active on social media.

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