Real Estate SEO: How To Generate More Leads

Nowadays when researching for homes, the internet is the first touch point of reference for most buyers. This is why proper SEO practices in place is crucial for real estate companies.

Here are few of the basic pointers you should follow when starting of your SEO campaigns

1. Carry Out Basic Optimization Practices

Ensure that you have the basic optimization practices in place – add the proper meta tags, robots and sitemap files.

2. Select the Right Keywords

Let’s say your property/home is located in Albion, New York. Your website is perfectly relevant for searches “homes in Albion” and “homes in New York”.

However there would have a greater likelihood of conversion happening for the keyword “homes in Albion” than “homes in New York”. This is because the former is super specific while the latter is a much broader term.

Again competition for “Homes in Albion” is likely to be lower than “Homes in New York”. However the obvious drawback is that keyword searches for “Homes in Albion” might be lower than “Homes in New York” but this approach should see you getting more qualified leads.

3. Get Local Citations   

Google and other search engine like Bing and Yahoo place a great emphasis on citation.  A citation is an online reference to your business’s name, address and phone number (NAP). You should try to get as many relevant local citations for your real estate location as possible. White Spark CA had a comprehensive list of local citations where you can list your website. You can check them out here.

4. Enhance Your Listings

Buying a home is different to buy a hairdryer or phone. If you can give users an actual experience of the feel of the home, then you would have greater chances of conversion.

So here is what you should do –

–          Use high resolutions images of both the house and its surrounding areas. The more, the better.

–          Even better would be to create videos for better user experience

–          Get genuine reviews of existing/past customers to increase trust of future buyers.

This practice should be followed on both the website and the citations that you create.

5. Lead Generation Forms

Make sure to have lead generation forms on your website. Include chat boxes to capture potential leads.

6. Tie Up With Aggregator Portals

Aggregator portals are basically search engines for properties. Get your site listed in quality aggregator portals to increase reach. Few of these portals also allow you to link back to your website which.


Collin Davis

Digital Marketing Enthusiast