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Reseller Advocacy for Insurance and MLM Companies


  • Insurance Advisors have to visit door-to-door to generate leads and the conversion process is slow.
  • If the advisors promote the brand’s products on social media, they and the brand cannot track the response.


  • SocioAdvocacy allows the brand to provide their Insurance Advisors/Resellers with a personal dashboard where they can see the entire product-related social media posts in one place.
  • When the Advisors share these posts with their personal social media networks, the sales link goes as a deep link that is unique to every advisor. Through this deep link, the leads or conversions can be associated with the Advisor who shared it.

Expected Results:

  • Increase in organic reach on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Increase in leads and conversions through social media.
  • Rise in conversions as a percentage of leads since the communication is shared by trusted sources.
  • Shorter lead generation to conversion cycle.
  • Effective tracking of conversions, helping the brand measure the performance of the advisors over a period of time and identify star performers.
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