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Social Recruiting – Recruiting through Employee Advocacy


  • Getting the right talent is one of the biggest challenges for a company.
  • A company’s employees have more social media connections with relevant candidates than a company can have through job portals.
  • A vacancy notification from Job Portals or Consultancy firms is less personal than one from an employee working in the same company.


  • With SocioAdvocacy, the company can provide a custom panel to every employee where they can see the open vacancies. SocioAdvocacy allows the vacancy list to be fetched from the company’s job portal directly.
  • Current employees can share these vacancies with their personal social networks with the deep link that includes the current employee’s referral code.
  • When any potential candidate applies for a vacancy using the link, the referral is automatically attached to the employee who shared the vacancy. This makes it easier to track referrals.

Expected Results:

  • Increase in number of relevant applications through Social Media.
  • Rise in the number of employees sharing the vacancies with their networks.
  • Any preliminary queries about the company and profile are answered by the employees themselves, giving it a personal touch.
Student Advocacy for Educational Institutes
Advocacy for Sales Functions