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Student Advocacy for Educational Institutes


  • A College has to spend a lot of money on branding it as a great place to study at.
  • Students have their juniors (prospective applicants) as their contacts on social media who might not be reached through the college’s advertising.
  • There are also prospective employers in the personal networks of students who are not reached by the conventional advertising.


  • SocioAdvocacy provides a custom panel to each student where they can stay updated with the college news and updates.
  • It allows students to share the posts with prospectus purchase deep links. That means, if an aspirant buys a prospectus through an existing student, the latter gets rewarded for that.
  • SocioAdvocacy also allows students or placement committee to share the Placement Brochure with potential employers by tagging them on LinkedIn or other social networks.


Expected Results:

  • Increase in the number of college applications through social media.
  • Lowered cost per sale of the college prospectus.
  • Increase in companies coming in for job placements.
  • Lowered cost of offline marketing.
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