Using UGC and Employee Advocacy for Social Selling

Let’s face it, the average employee is capable of generating tons of content for you every day. This content is relatable and trustworthy can be harnessed to improve your brand visibility, spruce up sales, create more traffic, and generate more leads. Of course, most businesses aren’t seeing the value in such content, but several have already taken advantage of it by building some fantastic campaigns merging User Generated Content (UGC) and employee advocacy.

Advocacy for Sales Functions


  • Most companies create white-papers, case studies and other content that can be shared with current and prospective clients in order to create trust and generate sales. But distribution of this content is a challenge.
  • Business Development and Sales function employees usually share these resources via email.
  • With so much noise in a person’s inbox, emails usually land up not being opened ever or in the junk folder.


  • SocioAdvocacy allows sales teams and relationship managers to share the company’s resources (case studies, white-papers, e-books) with current and potential clients on social media by tagging them on the posts.
  • Since emails get lost in the clutter, tagging in the posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn sends a direct notification which increases the chance of getting noticed.


Expected Results:

  • Increase in the download/open rate of company branded resources (case-studies, white-papers etc.)
  • Rise in the number of inquiries through social media.