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The Force is Strong with your Employees

In a galaxy (not) far far away, many smart companies have realized that the biggest asset they have is employees. In the digital age, every employee is a valuable resource when it comes to social media promotion. When your employees start sharing your company’s official communication with their personal networks, it is called employee advocacy. Does it make a difference? Sure it does! In this article, we will discuss how.

As we have discussed earlier, social media is not about brands and technology. It is about people and relationships. Back in the time, companies felt that just being on social media and broadcasting their communication was good enough. But as social media and the audience evolved, companies had to do more than just post communication to achieve desired results. They realized that they have to think in terms of people. In the end, social media should help companies and brands develop & nurture relationships. But the next question that pops up is how can a company develop relationships with the people? The answer lies within your workplace. It can be done with the help of the Jedi Knights (Employees) who have a strong connection with the force (viz. Social Media).

Usually, your employees together have far more reach on social media than your brand has. Picture this – count the total number of connections of your employees on left side and the total number of your brand’s connections on the right. Most likely, the figure on the left side will be greater than that on the right. Imagine all your employees sharing your official communication with their personal networks and giving your business the reach that otherwise was either expensive or impossible!

People usually tend to form relationships with those who they perceive to be like them. When you expose the wide variety of your employees on social media, there are high chances that your audience will find someone like them and establish a relationship. Also, each of your employees has a certain expertise because each of them understands a different part of your product or service. Whenever people have queries or need information, they want to hear from experts. It is likely, in such scenarios, that your employees will be able to assist existing or potential customers on social media.

Be it sales, marketing, recruiting or customer support, empowering your employees on social media can make a huge difference by leveraging their personal networks. So, it is only natural for the companies to embrace online advocacy and activate their Jedis (employees). If you are looking to set up an employee advocacy program at your organization, or if you have queries on online employee advocacy, Click Here.

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