2016’s Top Mobile Rank Tracking Tools

The 2015 Comcast report revealed that the number of worldwide mobile internet users has surpassed those of desktops i.e. 1900 million, as compared to the latter’s 1700 million users. This gulf is only set to widen with increased adoption of mobile devices as a primary source of accessing the web. Marketers, therefore, need to pay close attention to this traffic channel as it is bound to drive a large amount of traffic to websites in the near future.

Currently, there are several SEO tools that provide desktop ranking services, but only a handful few also provide mobile rank tracking.

Below we have listed them along with their key features:

  1. SERPsserps.com

Free trial period of 30-days. Provides the following features;

  • Mobile Friendly Tag Detection (shows how mobile-friendly  your website is)
  • Compares Mobile/Tablet Ranking to Desktop Ranking.

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  1. RankWatchwww.rankwatch.com
  • Rankwatch has two different pricing options – for daily and weekly reports. Pricing starts at $29 for 1000 keywords tracking.

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  1. SERPLab.co.ukwww.serplab.co.uk
  • Their starting package includes mobile tracking services at a basic cost of $4.99 for 600 keywords and increases by $4.99 with additional 300 keywords.

SERPLab has a unique pricing plan

  1. AuthorityLabwww.authoritylabs.com
  • AuthorityLab also provides a 30-day free trial, which allows you to add up to 500 keywords.
  • A key feature of the software is that it allows side-by-side comparison of the performance of the desktop and mobile version of the website.

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  1. Advanced Web Ranking Cloudwww.advancedwebranking.com
  • In addition to mobile ranking, Advanced Web Ranking Cloud tracks and analyses the impact of social media activity on the website.

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  1. SearchMetricswww.searchmetrics.com
  • SearchMetrics provides a Free Demo on the services they provide.
  • The Mobile SEO Visibility function is a premium feature available in the Suite Business package or higher.

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Leonard D'Souza

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