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How buyforex encouraged people #GoFarToGetClose to their familly

  • Brand

  • buyforex

  • Campaign

  • #GoFarToGetClose

  • Objective

  • The objective of the campaign was to make people realize that travelling together brings people closer. The theme of the campaign, #GoFarToGetClose encourages people to travel the world with their loved ones as this is the best way to bond and create great memories.
    The theme of the campaign complemented the brand as 'going far' would need people to buy forex.

  • Strategy

  • The idea of the campaign was to encourage people to travel to faraway places for a vacation with loved ones. To get them excited about the experience, we used pictures of people vacationing at exciting places, having a good time with family.
    The campaign was executed on Facebook, with a focus only on families going for vacations together. But the overwhelming response encouraged us to take it a step further and extend the campaign to professionals, too. This campaign was executed on Linkedin.
    The campaign was also supported with a contest on Facebook.

  • Execution

  • Exciting images of families doing fun activities at famous vacation destinations all over the world were used to create social media posts. Catchy taglines were used to convey the message clearly.

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    The same idea was used to create social media posts focused on professionals too.

    Centrum Case Study

    For the contest, an animated GIF was created with images of popular tourist places from all over the world, along with their distance from India. Fans were asked to take a screenshot of the farthest place and share it.

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    The contest ran for 2 days on Facebook

  • Result

  • The campaign received good engagement on both social media platforms targeted. The contest post, alone, reached over 5K people in a span of 2 days. The total organic reach of the page went up considerably during the contest, reaching more than 2,500 people. The contest helped the Facebook page gain 518 new likes.

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