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Buyforex finds a unique way to educate people about the need to plant more trees

  • Brand

  • is the best in class forex business established by Centrum Group with it's forex venture called Centrum Direct Limited. "" strives to provide the fastest, convenient and most economical suite of forex solutions including Foreign Currencies, Travelers Cheques, Pre Paid Forex Cards, Wired transfers and Demand Drafts.With the customers get a trustworthy solution to all their forex and it eliminates the waste of time and effort to check forex rates at various banks or money changers.

  • Campaign

  • #GoGreen

  • Objective

  • Deforestation is one of the major problems the world has been experiencing. As a socially responsible brand, we wanted to do something about it. We decided to plant saplings. Since India's Independence day was just around the corner, we couldn’t think of a better day to do it.

  • Strategy

  • The challenge here was finding a way to connect the idea of planting saplings, with what the brand is about. We realised, the best way to do it was by linking the number of saplings we plant, to the number of forex transactions that take place.

    Centrum Case Study

  • Execution

  • A series of facebook posts and tweets were done highlighting the essential role of trees in our lives.

    For example-

    Centrum Case Study

    We share a beautiful relationship with our green friends. Let's not take them for granted. will be planting a tree on the 15th of August for every transaction made between 3rd to 14th August. Get your forex while making the country green, one tree at a time.


    If there were no trees, we would not have been able to worship them and our gods.

    The #GoGreen content series was used as a vital content bucket to communicate facts with the target audience and encourage them to make forex transactions and take part in the bigger campaign.

  • Result

  • On Independence day, on ground activity was done for the same. A small tempo did the rounds of major parts of Mumbai city and distributed saplings to the people who took made transactions. Participants were also encouraged to tweet about the same and our hashtag #GoGreenWithBuyforex trended India vide and in major cities on 2nd position for more than 4 hours. The hashtag even trended in Australia for few hours.

    Centrum Case Study

    Hoist a flag. Plant a tree. Celebrate Independence Day with the right spirit.

    Over a thousand saplings were distributed!

    • More than 350 users engaged with the brand creating a whopping 1,98,51,510 impressions impressions across the platform.
    • #GoGreenWithBuyforex had 2,056 mentions across the platform and more than 1000 engagements including RT’s and likes.

    "On one hand, going green is the need of the hour to make our planet livable for a longer time. On the other hand, green also symbolizes money. So, planting a tree is like planting money. The campaign evoked a huge interest among the people as there were requests from other cities also to extend the distribution of saplings"said T C Guruprasad, CEO & Managing Director, Buyforex India Limited.

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