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How Korum Mall’s End of Season Sale turned out to be a grand hit

  • Brand

  • Korum Mall is a shopping mall located in Thane city of Maharashtra, India. It is home to a number of branded shops.

  • Campaign

  • End of Season Sale at Korum Mall

  • Strategy

  • The mall had an End of Season Sale going on. The aim was to design a strategy that would work on the digital medium as well as offline. We came up with the idea of a stock-exchange themed campaign.

  • Execution

  • At the mall, a stock-exchange ticker was set up displaying the discount rates of the brands participating in the sale. The idea was to get people excited by showing them how much discount each brand was offering.

    Online, a campaign using the hashtag #KORUMStockExchange was executed, serving a purpose similar to the stock-exchange ticker at the mall. This was supported by other campaigns like ‘Market Tip of the Day;’ which focussed on special offers by each brand.

    Korum case study

    The online campaign was supported by contests on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    The idea behind the first contest was to match the brand name with the apparel it is most popular for.

    Korum case study

    The hashtag for this was #EOSSAtKorum

    For the contest on Twitter, the hashtag used was #KORUMGuessAThon. The participants were asked to guess the name of the brand based on certain clues. To up their chances of winning, they had to tag the brand and follow it.

    Korum Case Study

    This contest not only got fans to engage with Korum, but also earned more social media followers for brands at the mall.

    The Instagram contest was called Shop, Snap and Win. The shoppers were encouraged to click a picture of them while shopping at Korum and upload it on Instagram with the hashtag #EOSSAtKorum

    Korum case study

    Clicking pictures and uploading it on Instgram is something people usually do. The idea behind the campaign was to help spread the word to a wider audience. The campaign was cross-promoted on Facebook.

  • Result

  • The campaign was a definite hit with overwhelming response on all social media platforms. On Facebook, the campaign reached over 1 lakh people. Over 7K people engaged with the posts.

    On Twitter, the campaign garnered close to 40K impressions and engaged around 2 thousand people.

    Instagram also saw a significant number of people engaging with the posts.

    The campaign helped a great deal in spreading awareness about the #EOSSAtKORUM while also getting people to share their fun moments on social media.

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