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Dr. Hema ke Nuggets- Secure Health Connect Launch

  • Brand

  • Liberty Videocon General Insurance is a joint venture between Liberty Citystate holdings PTE Ltd., a group company of US based Liberty Mutual Group, and Videocon Industries Limited. With a steadfast aim to provide all-encompassing commercial, private, and industrial insurance solutions, Liberty Videocon General Insurance commenced its operations in India in 2013. Their vision is to help people live safer, with more security. To go beyond what any insurance company might offer and become the attentive and empathetic insurer of choice for the country, ensuring commitments made to their customers, being easy to deal with, empowering their employees, and creating sustainable value for the promoters.

  • Campaign

  • Dr. Hema ke Nuggets- Secure Health Connect Launch

  • Objective

  • Liberty Videocon wanted to launch their new product “Secure health Connect” but not in the old school way. They wanted to do a digital first launch, that would clearly, and in a simple manner, tell the audience about the product USPs, and invite intent.

  • Strategy

  • The strategy was to create communication that people will get hooked to, make it relatable and make the product benefits easy to understand. Since the product is beneficial for the entire family, we chose a relatable family as the protagonists. But to narrate the communication, we wanted to develop a character that was lovable and credible. So, we created Dr. Hema, your friendly neighbourhood doctor that will communicate how to improve your health and plug in the benefits of Secure Health Connect in the communication.

  • Execution

  • The campaign strategy was divided into three phases. The pre-launch strategy was to roll out teasers which would connect with the audience as they would be raising queries which generally people tend to have. This helped us to keep our audience glued to the Launch.

    For the campaign launch, we wanted to highlight the features of Secure Health Connect plan and at the same time communicate that it is perfect for the entire family.

    While the above Launch was carried out on the social media i.e Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin; simultaneously we sent out targeted communication through other channels like SMS, emailers and banner ads.

    For sustenance, post the launch, we developed communication that would answer any queries around the product "Secure Health Connect" helping the audience understand the benefits and key differences with competing products. The communication was kept vibrant and in Hinglish as that has worked really well for the brand in the past.

    We wanted to end the campaign with a bang and create an engagement platform for the audience so they could have a two-way conversation with us. To achieve this, we tied up with popular dietician - Ms Neha Ranglani - to do a live Q&A video session on Facebook. The idea came from the thought that could we, over the evolution of the campaign, bring Dr Hema to life and get her to add value to the audience in terms of health advice and remedies.

  • LIVE chat on Facebook-

  • Result

  • Our very first live chat on Facebook on health and nutrition with dietitian Neha Ranglani became an instant success with the participation pouring in from our fans and the promptness by Neha. The fans kept the engagement on, even after the chat was over. Users have also shared comments thanking Liberty Videocon for the initiative and showed their appreciation for the information provided by Neha.

  • People who viewed the video – 30,329
  • Number of Unique people who saw the video - 84,326
  • Number of Live viewers during the chat: 1100
  • Total number of queries posted: 75
  • The video was shared by Neha Ranglani on her official page and personal profile too.

  • Overall Outcome:

  • The video was shared by Neha Ranglani on her official page and personal profile too.

  • Facebook
    • Reach: 1.10L
    • Impression: 1.36L
    • Engagement: 50K
  • Twitter
    • Tweet Impression: 81K
    • Engagement: 57K
  • Linkedin
    • Impression: 70K
    • Engagement rate – 4.1%
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