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How The MobileStore got people saying #AbSabKuchTeen

  • Brand

  • Launched in 2006, The MobileStore is an Indian telecom and mobile phone retailer. The MobileStore has its headquarters in Mumbai, and currently has around 1000 shops in 150 cities in India.

  • Campaign

  • #AbSabKuchTeen

  • Objective

  • The mobile store had a month-long offer where they were giving away free vouchers every day. People could benefit from 3 exciting offers at the same time. At the end of the month, the winner would take home a Honda Amaze as the grand prize.

  • Strategy

  • The idea behind the offer was that people could avail the benefits of 3 offers instead of 1. We decided to craft a campaign around the same theme; a campaign that would focus on the idea that you shouldn’t settle for one offer when you can avail the benefits of three.

  • Execution

  • Facebook posts using fictitious situations like a person using three umbrellas, three watches, etc. were created.

    Mobile Store Case Study

    Funny Bollywood memes using movies or situations that showed three people were also created to support the campaign.

    Mobile Store Case Study

    The idea was to put across the thought that three offers are, obviously, better than one.

    The campaign lasted 20 days on Facebook using the hashtag #AbSabKuchTeen. Apart from the regular campaign posts, daily winners were also declared on Facebook.

  • Result

  • Close to 3 thousand people engaged with the campaign. The campaign reached close to 60K people and gained more than 1 lakh impressions.

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