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Search Engine Optimisation

Today, just having a great website isn’t nearly enough. Because an awesome website doesn’t necessarily drive users to itself. Enter SEO! Search Engine Optimisation looks at existing, qualified, relevant leads and drives them to your website. Magically.

Our SEO packages start at $999/month.


Our credentials

SEO agency with proven expertise in having helped clients grow exponentially via organic search. All our efforts are focused towards getting the maximum possible ROI for your business via search. Drop us a mail at  and we will send screenshots of how well we are performing on search.

Certified Google Analytics professionals take care of your account.


How we carry out the SEO process?


Understanding business objectives and competition

Understanding business objectives and competition

We understand your business goals and objectives, the competition and aspects where you differentiate yourself from the competition.

Analysis of current website

Analysis of current website

An onsite audit of your website is carried out to gauge its friendliness in terms of SEO. This includes both technical audit where we check if your site is optimal for search engine crawling and other aspects such as design and user experience for increasing conversions. We also look at how your website is currently performing in search and how it racks up against its competition.

Strategy and execution

Strategy and execution

Once we understand your business goals and objectives, we then come up with a strategy that covers all goals and planned activities, deliverables and clear timeframes.

Project Timelines

Project timelines

A timeline with expected activities and outcomes for every month of the campaign is defined at the start of the month.

Reporting and Tracking

Reporting and tracking

Regular reports that chart the progress of your SEO campaigns along with traffic and ranking analysis.

Reporting and Tracking

When could we start seeing improvement in rankings?

SEO is a gradual process and for best results, it is important to have campaign plans of at least 6 months

Reporting and Tracking

How much would it cost?

We would love to give you a price, but every business is different, and costing can only be assessed 
once we evaluate the time and effort required to get results.

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