SEO Services to help HVAC Companies and Contractors Rank Higher in Online Searches

Gone are the days of cold calling for leads and browsing yellow pages for contact details. 

Thanks to the digital revolution, more businesses and customers are going online to find products, services to resolve their problems. 

The entire Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry has seen an overhaul and the future seems bright. Just recently, ReportLinker has predicted that the market for HVAC equipment is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.7% over 2021-2026, thanks to the booming construction business and the increasing end-user markets.

If you are a business that offers HVAC services, equipment and maintenance, you are up against a lot of competition.

We recommend that you consider HVAC SEO to stand out in this competitive market, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we tell you (i) why it is vital to have SEO Services for HVAC Companies and (ii) why ranking higher in online searches matters.

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What is Search Engine Optimization for HVAC?

Simply put, Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving your website’s ranking in the search engine results pages (also ‘SERPs’).

Most people believe an SEO campaign for HVAC is successful if it brings more eyeballs to your website. However, there is more to a successful campaign than just more website visitors.

When you hire a digital marketing agency like Sociosquares, you get more than just an improved search result ranking. At SocioSquares we understand that apart from website traffic, there are other more important goals like ranking for relevant keywords, creating brand awareness among consumers, and establishing your business as a credible name in the HVAC industry. 

So what does a good HVAC SEO campaign look like? 

Let’s breakdown SEO in 7 simple steps:

Keyword research and analysis
Competitor analysis
Search Engine and directory submission
Content Writing
Website Optimisation
Quality Link Building
Rankings Report and Tracking

hvac seo and Keyword research

Keyword research and analysis for HVAC

Keywords are just words used by people in search engines, to look for something. For instance if someone in California is looking for HVAC contractors, they will whip out a phone and type ‘HVAC contractors in California’ or ‘Trusted HVAC companies near me’.

Essentially, it is knowing what people want and giving it to them. Is it that simple though? 

Not really.

The first step of keyword research and analysis is making a list of keywords. This list comprises words that your business should ideally rank for. For instance, if your business is about HVAC, it should rank well for a keyword like ‘HVAC services’ as well as those local keywords that help people identify businesses near them, like ‘Best HVAC contractors in California’. 

Industry related keywords help you rank for relevant search queries. However, simply adding keywords to your website for the sake of it will result in people visiting your website but leaving immediately, also known as bouncing. A high bounce rate adversely affects your credibility and your search result ranking.

Using keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner, our SEO team will curate the right keywords for your website so that it ranks well for keywords that are actually relevant to your HVAC business and attract the traffic that you actually want to draw. 

A successful SEO campaign for an HVAC business works pretty much like a billboard that is around the entire year. Want to know how? When you use the right keywords and rank well for them, your website is displayed on top of the search rankings and you reach a lot of people, without having to pay as much as putting up actual billboards.

Keyword research for hvac seo

Competitor analysis in the HVAC industry

If you were the only business providing HVAC services in the United States, you could live with some primary SEO. However, when it comes to ranking in online search engines, you are in a competition.
We conduct a competitor analysis to find out what your top competitors in the HVAC industry are doing. A look at the leaderboard helps us understand who we are up against and what is working for them and what isn’t. 

The intensely competitive HVAC industry makes it imperative to have a great SEO strategy. If you lose out on the rankings, people are reaching out to your competitors instead and they are converting all the leads. 

Even when someone is looking specifically for HVAC services that your business is a specialist at, the lack of SEO can result in better optimised websites ranking above your website.

Search Engine and directory submission

hvac seo offpage

XML sitemaps and RSS feeds are tools that help inform search engines and directories about the pages on your website and any recent changes that you have made. 

When you submit the sitemaps to search engines, it enables them to figure out all pages that comprise your website, essentially all the various URLs. When this is optimised, search engines are able to crawl your website faster and update its index with changes made, if any.
Sociosquares will update your XML Sitemap and ensure RSS/Atom feeds so that search engines are notified of any changes on your website and these changes reflect in the searches at the earliest possible.

Content Writing for HVAC

Content Writing for HVAC

One of the most ignored yet important aspects of search engine optimization is content writing. Making your content useful for your target audience is the job of the content on your website. The content on your website gives the search engines an idea of what your website is all about.
For instance, if your business offers HVAC services but your website has more content on some other topic, say ‘plumbing’, then you will rank higher for keywords related to plumbing and lower when they search for HVAC. That is a problem. 

1. Understand the HVAC industry

Writing content for SEO includes understanding your audience and your own services. You need to write content with a strategy in place. Not doing so will have adverse effects on your ranking. 

2. Including relevant keywords in your content

It is not enough to rank well for industry related keywords, but also those that are related to what your company has to offer. 

Let’s say your company offers HVAC system installations, repairs and maintenance, however your website content only talks about installation of HVAC systems. If the majority of the people who search online for HVAC services are looking for repairs and maintenance, you are losing out on this traffic. 

Similarly, if your business only provides HVAC system installations and does not look at repairs, you should not try to rank for keywords related to HVAC system repairs. Doing so will only lead people coming to your website and realising that you don’t actually provide repair services. 

If search engines notice that people are quickly moving on from your website, your ranking will take a hit.

3. Benefits of SEO optimised content

Blogs form part of the content writing strategy of SEO campaigns. Relevant blogs are not only informative but also can be shared by people in industry circles. 

Relevant and SEO optimised blogs ensure that people spend more time on your website, thereby signalling the search engines that most people who visit your website find something meaningful here.  

The content team at Sociosquares will help you write content that is relevant to the HVAC industry and also relevant to search queries that typically arise in this industry. When people find what they are looking for on your website they will keep coming back and your search rank will improve organically.

Website Optimisation for HVAC businesses

At SocioSquares, our website development team will optimise your website to be more relevant and credible. Among other things, we look at the following things to ensure that your website is optimised:  

Site loading speed
Device compatibility
User experience
Internal Linking
Alt Tags & Meta Descriptions
Local SEO for HVAC companies and 
Google My Business

How do we optimise your HVAC website? 

One of the most important factors for website optimisation is how quickly the website loads. If your website is fast and can be accessed quickly, then you have already taken the first few steps towards your SEO goals.

Secondly, it is important to ensure that your website is compatible across devices and operating systems. Not only during designing your website but also after every major change, the Sociosquares team will test the website’s cross platform/device compatibility. Optimization for mobile devices is a must since most people now use them to browse the internet.

If people are spending more time looking for what they want instead of looking at what they want, your website will see a higher bounce rate and take a hit in search engine rankings.

Google My Business

Our team will also help you create and update your Google My Business profile so that people who are looking for HVAC services locally can locate your business and get in touch with you.

What are the benefits of Google My Business?

Appear in Google Maps 
Appear in Local pack listings
Increases visibility of your business
People can review your business
Customer Reviews Improve local SEO
Easy access to your contact information
Google My Business insights are helpful
It is free to use and optimise

Once your Google My Business profile and your website are completely optimised and ready with the right content, watch them work hard for you and your business.

Quality Backlinks or Internal Link Building

Backlinks are links on other websites that link to your website. If you have high quality backlinks to content on your website, your search ranking will increase. 

For more information on creating backlinks from quality and relevant websites using techniques like guest posting, outreach, skyscraper technique etc., click here.  

Backlinks are not a SEO quick fix and the results will take time. However, once in place, they help the website command an authority over other websites. 

We also use internal link building for SEO. A robust site architecture and easy internal navigation go a long way in improving the site’s overall usage.

As demonstrated in this paragraph, internal link building is referring to content from our website that visitors may be interested in. This helps in creating value for the visitors and increases the time an average visitor spends on your website. Internal link building also helps the user find relevant content faster. 

Rankings Report and Tracking

At Sociosquares, we are continuously tracking the performance of SEO campaigns and we conduct regular website audits to ensure that we are moving ahead in the right direction.  

Use of analytics reports

Using analytics reports we study factors like source of traffic, bounce rate, time visitors spend on each URL, popular content etc. This information is used to continuously optimize the website for better performance. 

Sharing performance reports

We share the website performance reports of the SEO campaigns with our clients so you know how well your website is performing. 

It becomes important that through a proper SEO campaign, you rank in the top searches to stand a chance to convert him/her into a customer for your business. Think of Search Engine Optimization as a process of improving your website’s rank organically on search engines for relevant keywords.

Digital Marketing for your HVAC business

Sociosquares also offers digital marketing services like PPC, SEM, SMM etc. to make sure you reach your target audience and convert them into customers.

The digital marketing services we offer include:

Search engine marketing (SEM)
Social media marketing (SMM)
Email marketing
Content marketing
Pay-per-click (PPC) etc.

Thus, apart from complete SEO optimization for HVAC, we can help you navigate the entire digital landscape and help you exploit the potential of digital marketing for your business. 

Let's start SEO for your HVAC business

If you don’t rank in the top search results for HCAV keywords, you are losing out. Your loss in this race is someone else’s gain. Your competitors who rank for keywords relevant in the HVAC industry will benefit from this loss.

When SEO Services for HVAC Companies are provided by a digital marketing agency like Sociosquares, you will see sustained results and a return on your investment. 

Sociosquares is a HVAC SEO Agency, which means we understand your business and we will help you achieve your marketing goals. If you schedule a consultation with our SEO experts, we will be happy to tailor our SEO plans to meet your goals and budget.

We have helped companies and businesses leverage good marketing to reach more people, get more leads and eventually, more business. Here’s what one of our customers said :

“Rav and SocioSquares team did a great job of setting up and getting our google account for advertising up and running smoothly. It is very easy and the response from customers was terrific. If you need this type of service, please be sure to contact Rav.”

Denis McDonald
President, Fiber Clean

For a free SEO proposal or a quick chat about your business and its SEO requirements, get in touch.

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