Advocacy for Sales Functions


  • Most companies create white-papers, case studies and other content that can be shared with current and prospective clients in order to create trust and generate sales. But distribution of this content is a challenge.
  • Business Development and Sales function employees usually share these resources via email.
  • With so much noise in a person’s inbox, emails usually land up not being opened ever or in the junk folder.


  • SocioAdvocacy allows sales teams and relationship managers to share the company’s resources (case studies, white-papers, e-books) with current and potential clients on social media by tagging them on the posts.
  • Since emails get lost in the clutter, tagging in the posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn sends a direct notification which increases the chance of getting noticed.


Expected Results:

  • Increase in the download/open rate of company branded resources (case-studies, white-papers etc.)
  • Rise in the number of inquiries through social media.