Grab your smartphone, log in to Facebook, and scroll through your feed. 

Most of the content you see will be videos. And why wouldn’t you? Over 500 million people watch videos on Facebook every day. That’s half a billion! It’s no secret that video has become the format of choice when it comes to content consumption today. 



It’s no secret – anyone with a half-decent smartphone has the potential to go viral. And since videos are today’s media medium of choice, more often than not it’s a video that has gone viral. TikTok is proof of that. 

Ready for the Rise of Gen Z?

As much as they share the previous generation’s affinity for technology, Gen Z is not an extreme version of Millennials. As the first generation to have grown up without any memory of a time without the internet or cell phones, they are truly the first tech-native generation. 

LinkedIn Marketing: New Features and the 2019 Roadmap

One of the questions we’re asked most frequently by clients and new prospects both – what’s happening with Facebook?

While I totally agree that Facebook has become a box to check in the grand scheme of social media marketing, it’s the other platforms that are taking center stage – Instagram for B2C and LinkedIn for B2B.