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3 fool-proof ways to get your roofing business to increase leads, sales, and revenue.

Picture this. You’re a roofing contractor. Your business is doing great. You’ve been in this industry for a while. So you know the drill. You know the technicalities, your skills are fantastic, your team is fine at their job. Everything’s going well. Well, you don’t need to picture this because that’s how your business is doing. Right?

Anyway, let’s move on.

There’s something missing. Your business isn’t getting quality leads. Your company is known for what they do but you don’t see growth. 

Bullseye! This is what usually happens. Everyone ‘likes’ your business but no one really comes back for more. Your sales and revenue numbers are pretty stagnant. 

Don’t worry. Most of our clients have been there. And we’ve taken it from there. At SocioSquares, we take care of the SEO for roofing contractors like you, who have the potential to be a successful business but don’t know what exactly they should be doing.

Before that, we’d like to tell you about SEO. What is SEO? Why do we need SEO for roofing companies? What’s so important about SEO? 

Well, you’re a small business owner, SEO helps create user-friendly websites so that your business ranks higher in search engines. This helps in getting quality leads and increased conversion rates. 

So let’s get to work now, shall we?


Here are 3 fool-proof ways to get your roofing business to increase leads, sales, and revenue.

1: Build a fantastic website

Your website speaks a lot about your business. Make sure that your website is user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and loads quickly. Everyone’s quite impatient these days. So you need to make sure you’re not taking up too much time. Or else all the stuff you’ve worked hard for will go down the drain.

Note: Include important information on the home page itself. And design your website in such a way that it matches your tone and is also easy to navigate. Don’t make them search for basic stuff that’ll drive them away.

2: Up your local SEO game

SEO is relevant. And yes, it does help your business. But what if we tell you that you could take it up a notch? When you localize your SEO, along with a worldwide focus, you’re also focusing on your local audience. Because they’re much more convenient and accessible. Being a roofing company, local SEO is an underrated weapon that’ll help you rank better with authenticity. Also, don’t forget to optimize your Google My Business (GMB) listing. It’s quick, efficient, and guarantees you’ll outperform your competitors.

3: Run a PPC ad campaign

When it comes to search engine marketing, running a Pay Per Click campaign is one of the best things you can do to get leads for your business. It will help you grow your roofing business and receive instantaneous top-of-the-page listings. So when we kickstart your roofing PPC campaign, we ensure that you have to pay for it only when someone clicks on your ad. So that is a win-win for both, your potential customers and you!


These are three of the most effective ways to increase your leads, sales, and revenue. At SocioSquares, we make sure that we plan customized strategies for your business, so your business gets authentic results and higher quality leads. Not only that, but we also offer PPC, social media tactics, growth marketing, and email marketing, all of which will help you improve web traffic and establish long-term brand credibility.

Get a free roofing SEO audit, today!

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