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    Even as experts in digital marketing, we at SocioSquares have found that the best way to accomplish and surpass the audacious goals we set is to experiment with different ways of generating leads until we find the combination that works best for us. But to find the winning combination for your campaign, it is important that you have a place to start. 

We’ve listed down 4 ways in which we managed to boost lead generation for our client, Hynes Roofing & Siding, 8 times over in just 7 months. As a full-service roofing and siding company, running an ad campaign & implementing SEO strategies for Hynes required intelligent division of resources between services based on their demand and their need in different areas around the Main Line in the Greater Philadelphia area. 


The 4 steps that follow helped us in curating, result-oriented lead generation strategies. Read through the steps, try some out yourself or write to shelbyn@sociosquares.com to get help from our team of digital marketing experts to give your business a shot in the arm.


Step 1: Setting Up An Efficient Tracking System


Taking the time to set up an efficient tracking system helped us focus on the quality of leads we were receiving. The following were measures we took to track, monitor, and analyze the leads. 


  1. We set up Google Analytics accounts and set various goals to track leads and events properly. 
  2. We also set up a Google Search Console and a Bing Webmaster account to help us, monitor, maintain and troubleshoot our website’s presence in search results. 
  3. We used CallRail to record and track phone calls, quality leads, and new customers. By monitoring every call recording manually, we could determine how many of the leads received were quality leads to pursue further.

Additionally, we targeted specific locations where a lot of Hynes’ client base is, and to get traffic and visitors to the website, created landing pages for all of the areas where Hynes Roofing & Siding provides its many services. 

These area pages helped add legitimacy, especially when accompanied with pictures and accounts of work Hynes had done in the area. Potential clients could see pictures of the work Hynes had done in their area, physically visit these places (with homeowner’s consent) and look at the work done or even draw inspiration from it. 

The targeted pages and local work for reference helped us bring new users to the website. 


Step 2: Using Local SEM Strategies to Boost Lead Generation

Google offers over 6 different formats of advertising. So far, we have dabbled with Search, Maps, LSA, and RLSA ads.

Google Guaranteed or Local Service Ads (LSA) have been working wonders for us as they help give legitimacy and instill confidence in local businesses like Hynes. It helped us attract more traffic without investing as much time and money as needed for other paid search engine marketing methods.

PPC for roofing contractors


In addition to LSA, the following steps helped us continuously improve lead generation.

  1. To rank higher in searches, we regularly (weekly) updated the ad copy used and tried a different mix of keywords and services every time. It helped make our ads more relevant to the audience.
  2. We chose Target CPA as our bidding strategy to receive conversions and increase our impression share. 
  3. We optimized keywords by adjusting bids and match types on a daily basis. Our focus was quality score and that helped us improve CPC and therefore lower CPL. 
  4. We used text ads with local area names to help us improve CTRs and scheduled posts for specific days/hours to reduce wastage.
  5. We also tried Bing Ads as a part of our local SEM strategy and saw some positive results from the same. 


Step 3: Applying Proven Google Map Optimization Techniques That Work Wonders

We have spoken about Google Maps Optimization for Hynes before and in our experience, Google Maps Optimization has great potential to increase traffic and generate leads. We created a Google My Business profile for Hynes and listed the services offered along with a short description. 

Along with the detailed listing, rich in information and keywords, the following activities helped us boost Hynes’ ranking on Google Maps which helped us increase organic traffic to the website. 


  1. GMB Profile Updation: 

We updated Hynes’ GMB Profile by adding targeted service areas and targeting specific services to these areas. Some relevant categories were also added to the GMB profile. 

    2. GMB Post Updations: 

We updated business posts on a weekly basis to improve the overall local SEO strategy. Updates about the brand, offers, events, products and services were our primary focus.

   3. Image Optimization: 

We used keyword-rich alt-tags and relevant filenames for every photo used in web pages & blog posts. Geo tagging all the images used added to our optimization efforts. Having these optimized images in our blogs, on our website and in GMB posts helped homeowners find Hynes Roofing & Siding when looking for a reliable local contractor. 

   4. Reviews & Ratings: 

We used Google Reviews for our Local Search Engine Optimization to communicate expertise, authority & trust to the Google search engine. Ensuring all high-quality, positive reviews from customers were added to the listing helped improve business visibility.

    5. Citation Building:

We created a lot of Citation Buildings with the NAP (Name, Address & Phone Number) consistent on all online citations. This was a key factor in improving our overall ranking on Maps. 

Step 4: Implementing Internal Blogging Strategies For Greater Success

Optimizing our blogs with targeted keywords has helped increase organic traffic over the months. But a lot goes into writing, optimizing, and uploading the right blog entries. 

  1. Research: It is crucial that the information in your blogs is well-researched and relevant to the topic. A good way to do this is by consulting the experts you are writing for, reading the best material available online and finally compiling a blog rich in information and keywords. You can then proceed with framing your blog and including several call-to-actions throughout for lead gen. 
  2. Interlinking: We started with posting 5 new blogs every month for Hynes using targeted keywords throughout. Internally linking these blogs to our home page and specific service pages helped the overall SEO. 
  3. Sharing Posts on GMB profile: The blogs were also shared on Hynes’ GMB profile simultaneously. This helped the blogs get some more views and increased the user engagements on our GMB Listing, increasing the overall visibility on Search Engines. 

Top 10 Blogs Post Published with Pageviews & Avg time on site for the Blogs Published in the last 7 months


Before their collaboration with SocioSquares, Hynes generated 18 leads from their online presence in August of 2020. But once we started our SEO project for them in September, the number doubled to 33 organic leads. And then doubled once again to 144 Leads in March of 2021. That’s 8 times the leads generated in just 7 months’ time. 


Faster Results, Faster Growth

Like we said before, the perfect ad campaign requires the right mix of digital marketing activities and our expertise and experience can make this task a lot easier, and a lot faster for your company. 

Bring SocioSquares’ perfect union of creativity and tech to your business. Fill out our contact form or write to support@sociosquares.com, and we’ll help you take your marketing to the next level with a strategy that is specially curated for you.  


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