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5 Marketing Ideas to Get More Roofing Leads at a Lower Cost

Your roofing business could use a boost in leads. But how do you market your business while keeping the costs low? Let the experts help you out. Here are five low cost marketing ideas to get more roofing leads. 

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Maximise your roofing business’ visibility on Google 

Potential customers are scouring the internet for a trustworthy, experienced roofer as you read this. So how do you get noticed? Simple. By getting to the top of their search results. Google’s sophisticated algorithm crawls the internet for relevant results when a customer looks for, let’s say ‘a roofing company near me’. If you have a Google My Business profile with your location provided, posts on your profile that mention you are a roofing company, and clear descriptions and alt-tags on all the pictures you have added that indicate you own a roofing company, Google will recommend you to a potential customer in your service areas. 

Better SEO is the surest way to get noticed on Google without investing a lot of money. 

Take advantage of positive testimonials 

If previous customers have shared positive reviews with you, request them to post those on your Google listing. The higher your rating, the more likely you are to be recommended on searches and get more leads.  

Create targeted pages for your roofing business  

On your website, create targeted pages for all the services you offer and the areas you operate in. Targeted pages increase your likelihood of showing up in relevant searches. They also give you a chance to showcase work done in specific areas which is a good exercise in building trust. 

Optimize your content  

The best way to be at the forefront of a potential lead’s searches is by optimizing the keywords used in your web content and blogs. Using the right keywords and including long-tail keywords in your content makes it easier for the Google crawler to identify the relevance of your content and suggest it to potential customers. 

Track marketing metrics

Keeping track of all marketing metrics will help you with improving your marketing strategy as you move along. You can keep track of the number of valuable leads you have received and figure out which of the activities is helping you secure them. That way you can refocus your energy and money towards the marketing method that works before for your roofing business. 

Need help marketing your roofing company? 

Our team has rich experience in curating digital marketing plans and managing social media marketing for roofers across Philadelphia and the state. Write to support@sociosquares.com or fill our contact form to bring the magic of expert digital marketing to your roofing company.

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