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Can SEO for Roofing Help Contractors Find New Clients?

Have you been looking for a roofing SEO company that offers local SEO for contractors? Well before you make up your mind, we’ve listed down the top 5 ways in which roofing SEO can help you find new clients. 

Create individual service pages to target clients by service

Sound SEO practices will always include creating individual service pages for all the different services your roofing company provides. You may offer gutter cleaning services, gutter installation, siding repair and installation and other home improvement services. Creating individual pages for each makes it easier for the search engine to point new clients to your website. These pages can also act as galleries to showcase previous work. A sure-shot way of getting new clients to call you up for a quote. 


Make individual location pages to find clientele in your area 

Creating pages for every area you serve in gives the search engine a chance to suggest your website to potential clients. Area pages are also a good way to list higher on every local search result for the services you offer. What’s more, an area page with local references gives people a chance to go check out the work themselves. Maybe even have a word with the homeowners. If they’ve loved the work you’ve done, you’ve got a living, breathing testimonial to get you new work. 


Create a Google My Business page for visibility

Roofing SEO services will often also include creating and updating your Google My Business page. These pages help put your address and contact details on the listing, which in-turn gives the search engine a chance to add your business to its top suggestions in areas where you serve. This means more visibility for your business and more clients in through the door. 


Write blogs to share expertise 

Blogs about construction and repairs may seem like a lead grab, but they are so much more than that. When you as a construction professional or company share your valuable insight on different home improvement projects, it builds credibility for any future clients that may be reading through your blog. When you share honest advice in your blogs, you help inspire faith in your services for potential clients.   


Updating reviews and ratings  

All the hard work and love you put into your construction jobs is always appreciated by the homeowners. But they may not always know where to show this appreciation so that it can help you. Managing reviews and ratings is another important part of roofing SEO that can definitely make or break your business. A collection of positive reviews and quick response and resolution for negative ones can give potential clients the assurance they need before getting into business with you. 


SocioSquares can help with your Roofing SEO! 

We’ve had over 10 years of experience curating digital marketing campaigns that deliver results and guaranteed success. We’ve helped several Greater Philadelphia construction businesses connect with clients who need their services and our team of experts can do the same for your business too. 

We offer Google ads services, SEO and SEM services, social media marketing and management, and a lot more! 

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