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Everyone Can Sell – Sales People Beyond Your Sales Team

In the past couple of years, there has been a major overhaul in how brands need to manage their online presence. What changed? People started trusting less in traditional media and more in social media. Additionally, people started showing more trust in employees of a company rather than the official communication. Brands have realized that empowering employees to advocate the brand results in sales. But does the onus lie only with the sales team? Read on to know.

Most brands agree that online advocacy drives sales. But what many of them don’t know is that sales do not depend on the number of posts advocating for your brand but on the number of people advocating. If your aim is to use social media effectively for your brand, you need to think in terms of people. In the end, social media should let your brand develop relationships with people. Now, relationships require efforts and they aren’t predictable. A one-size-fits-all communication strategy won’t work if you want to build relationships. That is where your employees come into play.

Who else can sell beyond the sales team?

Everyone in your company. Yes, you read it right. Each employee has a certain expertise. Different people understand different parts of your product or service. People trust experts and they are more comfortable in connecting with someone they think is an expert whenever they have any query or need information.

We tend to form relationships with people who we perceive to be like ourselves. When you expose the variety of employees from your company on social media, the chances of your audience forming a relationship with someone they perceive to be like them increases multifold. The chart below shows how people’s trust varies as per the source of communication:

With the evolution of employee advocacy on Social media, every employee can contribute to sales (directly or indirectly). Your employees have social media connections that your brand does not. On one side, take the number of the social media connections your brand has. On the other side, think of all your employees who are active on social media and add up the total number of their connections. You will be surprised to know how much greater reach your employees have. By empowering your employees on social media, you are gifting your audiences in form of diversity and expertise.

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