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Foolproof Tips for Generating Leads for Window Treatment Companies in 2021 and Beyond

2021 is a great year to be in the window treatment business and as a contractor or company offering window treatment services, you need digital marketing and PPC for window treatment companies to generate viable leads. As a digital marketing expert, we’ve collected some valuable insight and here are 5 foolproof ways to generate leads for your window treatment company. 

Audit your Window Treatment website and SEO

A complete audit of your website and SEO can help you identify what the user experience is like and where it can be improved. A website that takes long to load or isn’t mobile compatible may keep potential leads from engaging your services. Or advertising that isn’t reaching your target areas and audience. An audit can give you insight into your online point of contact with your customers and a digital marketing agency can help you turn that insight into an effective and actionable plan. 


Create and manage a Google My Business profile 

Every business should maintain a GMB profile. These are listings of your address, contact details and previous window treatment jobs. A GMB profile with constantly updated posts and entries is likely to be consistently shown to customers in relevant areas by the search engine. This will help you bring in more leads. 


Upload relevant Window Treatments blogs 

Blogs are an excellent way to improve your SEO. By working in relevant long-tail keywords and short keywords into your content, you can reach a wider network of potential leads than you currently are. 


Ratings and reviews 

It is important to keep your Google reviews updated. A good way to do this is by asking a customer who has had a happy experience with your window treatment company to drop you a review. These reviews help future clients know what to expect when getting into business with you and help you rank higher on search results. 


Individual area and service pages 

Creating individual pages for the area’s you serve in and the services you provide is more an experience in SEO than user experience. The individual pages make indexing your website easier for the Google crawler. To add more value to these pages for prospective clients, simply include photos or videos of the particular service or from jobs done in a particular area. This can help your customers actually see the final product and bring them a lot closer to choosing you as their window treatment contractor or company. 


Need Help? Call Us! 

SEO for window treatment contractors is certainly a tedious task but with the help of a digital marketing company that has years of experience and expertise, you can build a campaign that brings you more leads and make your window treatment SEO worth every dollar you spend on it. 

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