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Getting Started with Video Marketing on a Budget

It’s no secret. Video works. Video works really well. In fact, by 2020, video will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic (85% in the US). So if you haven’t gotten up to it yet, you need to. Fast. 

Video is something that we all want to take on. But even the big bosses give you a go ahead, it all comes down to one thing. Time. And more importantly, budget.

But since it’s inevitable, we’ve got a few ways to get started. Without breaking the bank.

1. Use what you’ve got

Most of us don’t realize that we carry around high-quality recording gear in our pockets. You don’t really need to go get yourself the latest Go-Pro or webcam, your mobile phone + a tripod will work just as well. With a video editing software, you can get some seriously professional looking videos without splurging on an in-house studio.

2. Work on the words

What really sells a video is the script. Be it intriguing or humourous, it’s the stuff that gets the audience hooked on. So if you really want to win at the video game, get your script right. Several YouTubers who’ve risen to fame shooting from their couches at home will vouch for the fact that you don’t need the extra “fluff” to get noticed.  

3. Video Testimonials

People listen to people. If it’s awareness, visibility, product marketing, or sales is what you’re looking to achieve with your video, one happy customer or fan can make all the difference. The best thing about Testimonials is that they can even be crowdsourced. The best way to use user-generated content, it’s super economical and effective at the same time.

4. Go Live

Did you know that Facebook reported that users spend 3x more time watching a Live video than a regular one? This comes in as fantastic news for those wanting to get a video out on a budget. Mainly because a) Nobody really expects top-notch quality on a live stream, and b) You get a more intimate connection with the added element of urgency.

5. Create Repeatable Segments

One part of getting videos out is building your subscriber base. And publishing regular content for your target audience plays a key factor here. With repeatable segments, your audience knows that they can expect and will keep coming back for more, and more often than not, they’ll bring their friends with them. This tactic is famously used by several talk show hosts as a weekly feature. Because the format and location stay the same, it even gives you a chance to perfect your process.

Given that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, as compared to 10% when reading it in text, video needs to be part of your marketing strategy (if it isn’t already).



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