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How Bartlett Blinds opened their windows to brighter sunlight, and better leads

Bartlett Blinds is a business that’s founded on the principles of quality, integrity and service. Ryan Bartlett, a US veteran who’s unflinchingly stood his ground to defend his nation’s fair beliefs and proud ideals in the grimmest of scenarios, wouldn’t have it any other way. One would think, a business so firmly grounded in the right traditions would win customers without well, facing any real resistance.

Here’s the truth. 3 leads in the month of Feb, 2021. Defeated but not disheartened, Ryan knew, it’s time for a new battleplan and a powerful new ally. SOCIOSQUARES. Post collaboration, we ran a digital campaign in March, 2021 that took the client’s leads from 3 to 30 by May, 2021. A 10X growth in performance in 3 months. So, if your business has a war that’s getting a bit too hot to handle, here’s a battle strategy (that we adopted for Ryan Bartlett) that may help you swing the outcome.

Use Precise Keywords

Keywords are like call-out signs. If your call-out isn’t right, you’ll pull in customers you don’t really want. By choosing the right keywords, we ensured the right eyeballs for Bartlett Blinds.The result, leads that scored on both quality and quantity.

Word your ads clearly

Every customer’s looking for a solution out there. But your solutions aren’t meant for all of them. So, how do you keep the world from beating its path to your door? By choosing what you communicate in your ads. Make every word count. Let every word add up to convey what it is that you’re specifically offering. This way, we ensured Ryan Bartlett didn’t have to waste his time answering calls that meant no business.

Have the right Landing Page

Imagine setting out to meet someone and not finding him or her, when you finally reach the destination. A good landing page will reassure customers who respond to your ads, that they have indeed come to the right place. Creating relevant pages helped us drive genuine leads which in turn, generated positive ROI for Bartlett Blinds.

Target the right location with your ads

Would you drive 50 miles from your neighbourhood to pick up your groceries? You wouldn’t (think of the money you’ll be wasting on fuel!) and that’s the point. Target the location or locations where genuine customers are likely to reach out to you, and you’ll see quality leads with a smarter use of your budget.

Add Service Areas in your GMB

It’s a common occurrence. We bump into an old friend only to realize he or she had been residing in our neighbourhood for years, without us knowing! Don’t let this happen with customers in your area who’re looking for services that you have to offer. By adding your service area or areas in your GMB profile, you are certain to show up whenever a customer in your area happens to be Google-searching for services offered by you. We added 15 additional service area-based locations to Bartlett Blinds’ GMB profile. All within convenient range of the client’s location, which resulted in a greater volume of quality leads.

Add Customized Services with Descriptions

Customers rarely give second chances. Particularly in situations where they come looking for a service, only to discover it isn’t available. So, make it a point to add the right service categories on your Google My Business Profile. Categories that the customer will not just see on his or her phone screen but also on your website when he or she clicks in. With Bartlett Blinds, we made sure the services listed on their website also reflected in their GMB profile, with the additional layer of descriptions and keywords that enabled higher google ranking.

Post Blogs on GMB

When you’re no longer in view, you’re no longer in the news. This social rule applies to the way businesses end up getting ranked on Google searches. And blogs are a great way to keep Google aware of your presence. We targeted 3 blogs per week for Bartlett Blinds on their GMB Profile, which not only put the client in the spotlight with customers, but also the good ‘ranking’ books of Google.

 Geotag your Image

Sometimes, a picture can say things better and faster than words. Like when you geotag your images with your exact business location in longitude and latitude. A location tagging in your GMP profile helps Google find you amidst a sea of businesses out there. Needless to say, if you make it easy for Google to spot you, Google will make it easy for customers in your area to notice you. We began geotagging of images pertaining to Bartlett Blinds on their GBM profile, leading to better SEO optimization and keyword ranking.


Overall SEO Optimization

There are zillions of websites  out there, each vying for the customer’s attention. But it’s only those websites with top Google rankings that end up with any real chance of being noticed by the customer. This is where overall SEO Optimization comes in. It’s a process that enables your business to rank higher in search engines, which inevitably leads to greater visibility, higher traffic and more leads. Our overall SEO optimization efforts with Bartlett Blinds included creating customized robots.txt file, XML sitemaps, optimizing meta tags, alt tags, anchor tags-hyperlinking our targeted keywords and adding relevant schema tags. A strategy that resulted in enhancing the client’s local SEO ranking.

Want to experience growth in leads without wasting your time, efforts and money? Want to see your business grow to the scale that you have in mind, without unwanted pain and stress? All you need to do is talk to us, and like Bartlett Blinds, we’ll make sure you become our next success case study.

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