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Ecommerce SEO is slightly different from normal Organic SEO. Ecommerce SEO optimizes websites with a large variety of products with identical features and ensures that visitors find the optimized website whenever they search with an intent to buy.

Maximus Collectibles is an Ecommerce shop that sells online Pokémon cards. Eddie Yakubvitch, who is the owner of this online store, desired to increase sales through organic SEO. 

What we set out to test

To increase the sales & drive traffic, SocioSquares decided to implement Google Shopping Feed Optimization Ecommerce SEO strategy and tactics which contributed to increasing the quantum of sales generated by Maximus Collectibles’ online store. 


Why does Shopping Feed Optimization matter? 

Shopping feeds matter because they provide a shortcut for shoppers to access your product pages from search engines, when a query is relevant to your business.

The digital experts at SocioSquares devised and followed a step-by-step strategy that resulted in optimization of Maximus Collectible’s shopping feed and a corresponding increase in its number of quality leads. You could follow this tried-and-proven process too, if you want your business to benefit the same way as Maximus Collectibles. 

How we started to experiment 

1) Open a Google My Merchant Account 

One of the first things we did was to open a Google Merchant Account for Maximus Collectibles. The reason, a GMA is an invaluable tool for marketing both physical as well as digital products and services. Here’s how you can open a free account. Go to Google Merchant Store and open a free merchant account for your online store in 2 simple steps.

Shopping feed registration

2) Create a Product or Shopping Feed

Did you know that 90% of all product searches are done by people who’re looking to buy? Our next step was to create a product or shopping feed to enable Maximus Collectibles to leverage eager customers looking for its products online. 

One of the most important things we kept in mind when optimizing our  client’s product shopping feed was to showcase the product adequately, and give customers a good reason to buy it.


After creating our client’s Shopping Feed Account, we added the following product details to optimize the shopping feed.

Product Title

Product Description

Product Specifications

Product Image

Stock Status


Shopping feed SEO optimization

SC: Showing optimized product feed of the Maximus collectible


3) Use Precise Keywords

Keywords are like call-out signs. If your call-out isn’t right, you’ll pull in customers you don’t really want. By choosing the right keywords, we ensured the right eyeballs for Maximus Collectibles’ online store.The result, leads that scored on both quality and quantity.


4) Optimize Your Website for Ecommerce

We followed all the necessary SEO protocols to ensure the website of Maximus Collectibles was optimized for better performance and leads. Here’s a brief overview of the details involved in the optimization process. 

  • Add the right keywords to the product Titles & Descriptions
  • Add image alt tags & proper image file names
  • Use keyword-specific URLs


Google Shopping feed:  Results


Google shopping feed SEO traffic

SC: Impression & Clicks in April 2022 for Maximus Collectibles


When you adopt the right strategy and process, the results begin to show. Within a few days of website optimization, Maximus Collectibles got 179 clicks & 66.69 k impressions & 0.3% CTR (for the month of April) through its Google Shopping Feed, with quality leads being generated along the way. Making Google Shopping Feed Optimization a part of our strategy contributed to a high lead conversion rate. 


product page traffic from Google shopping feed SEO optimization

SC: Clicks in April 2022 on important product pages

The following statistics show the leads and clicks generated even after we stopped working on that campaign. 


shopping feed SEO optimization unstoppable result

SC : 226 clicks generated in May 2022


Connect with us, to optimize your Ecommerce store with Google Shopping Feeds. 

Want to experience growth in leads without wasting your time, efforts and money? Want to see your business grow to the scale that you have in mind, without unwanted pain and stress? All you need to do is talk to us, and like Maximus Collectibles, we’ll make sure you become our next success case study.


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