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How to Create High-Quality Links for Websites

Creating backlinks is the most powerful way to grow your SEO ranking and traffic. High-quality backlinks pointing towards your website are an important search ranking element.

Valuable backlinks are the links that turn up from quality websites. Investigating such backlinks improves search engines’ understanding of how popular your website is.

Guest Posting

Guest posting means writing an article on another website or blog and getting a link in return. Guest posting also helps to develop relations with the site owner. It is a win-win situation for both parties. Guest posting gives exposure to other audiences about your content aiding to build authority.

This method is essentially popular in the blogging industry. Bloggers are always interested in publishing high-quality and relevant content which will attract more readers and generate high traffic and getting a link from a high traffic source will also serve your purpose.


High-Quality Content         

Publishing high-quality content on your website with keywords should be your priority as it can pull high-quality links. Your content will be a reflection of whether other site owners decide if they want to link back to your site. If the pages on your website are of low quality or the content posted on your website is unhelpful or meaningless, outcomes won’t be positive and other websites will not link back to you. 

So, create quality content that will help readers, and thereby get more traffic on your website and earn links from another potential website to increase your rankings.



Creating high-quality content will assist you to earn links naturally from publishers who value your hard work. However, you will have to reach out to other websites to promote your content and decide to link to you.

Not every link has an equal value. Links that come from reliable websites will indeed improve your search rankings. So, before conducting your reach process make sure you reach out to suitable sites and also check the authority of the website. The higher the authority of the site, the more relevant the links will be.


Broken Link Building

When someone clicks on a broken link, the visitor ends up on a 404 error page stating that the content they seek no longer exists. Sometimes, even well-managed sites undergo broken links.

Each link on the website links to another page because websites often move their content, some of those links at last break, and direct to pages that don’t exist. 

Broken link building fixes these issues and turns them valuable. This procedure triggers on searching broken links on different websites, distinguishing the content they related to, then letting the website to replace their broken link with a viable link to valid content. Preferably to your site! 

Broken Link Building

Credits: Pixabay

Skyscraper Technique

Skyscraper Technique was popularized by Brian Dean, founder of Backlinko. It’s a great way to develop worthy content that will gain links to your website. The Skyscraper technique is about finding popular content in your niche & creating a better version of the content & reaching out to the right audience & getting backlinks.

This approach benefits you by obtaining quality links for your website using your content. Act to get quality from the content you create which will lead you to get more traffic and links from your competitors. 

Use Ahrefs “Site Explorer Tool” to look at who your competitors are linking. This will help you understand the kind of content you have to design to get linked from particular websites.



In this race where everyone wants to be on the top list of Google’s SERP landscape, doing this ethically with a “white hat” approach is important. If you need relevant and high quality links to get higher ranking and more traffic from search engines, then you can opt for quality service from the top SEO firm in Philadelphia.  

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