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Increase Your Website Traffic and Keyword Ranking in 4 Months Using Map Optimization and Geo-photo Targeting

Playing the numbers game with Google ads has become a sport for our media minds, and we find it a lot of fun to put their methods and results into the only blog you’ll ever need to read to increase website traffic and keyword ranking. 

Our most recent successful experiment was with map optimization and geo-photo targeting. Before we begin, let us give you a quick overview of what geo-photo targeting is. 


Your websites, blogs, posts, all have some or the other image attached as a visual aid. Embedding these images with the geo-location of your business address helps the Google algorithm identify your content as authentic, target it to the relevant audience, and help you climb the ranks in map listings. 

1. Geo-Tagging

We start with tagging the exact longitudinal and latitudinal location to the particular image of the business we are promoting.

This can be done by using various geo photo tagging tools. 

Once you have tagged the images, you can see the properties section of said image by right-clicking on it. 

geo tagging

Check the GPS Section to know the proper latitude & longitude tagged in the image in the above snapshot for reference. 

2. Proper Image Filename & Alt Tags

Your images can also work wonders with keyword ranking and increasing website traffic.

Before uploading an image, choose the correct file name for it. This would be a brief description of what one can actively see in the uploaded image along with the right alt-tags to help the Google algorithm help you in ranking your targeted keywords

These filename details can also be added in picture properties by renaming it with our targeted keywords. The screenshot below will show you where to add the alt-tags and file name, along with an example of how we would optimize, say, an image of contractors fixing a roof. 

Alt Tags

The alt-tag used here is ‘roof contractors near me’.

3. Publish Fresh Content via Google Post

Google is always on the lookout for fresh content. When users search for businesses or helpful tips, they prefer the most recent updates. So the algorithm is likely to rank newer content with all of the above higher. To keep your business in sight and in mind, update your Google posts regularly and with relevant keywords subtly mentioned throughout the content. 

4. Update your Business Description & Service Pages with relevant keywords.

List your service on the Google Business Page with a description that has all the relevant keywords worked in too. 

All these steps are the SEO master tricks that helps businesses find the right audience and viable leads. Try these out yourself, and give your SEO efforts a nudge in the right direction.  

Since we believe in practice don’t preach, here are the results we generated for a client of ours after trying the aforementioned tips for the last four months. In August, our efforts brought in website traffic of 303 sessions, and in December it doubled to nearly 650 organic traffic sessions. All done by adopting sound SEO practices as mentioned above. 

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