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Is SEO a Good Investment for Window Treatment Companies & How much should you invest in it

Is SEO for window treatment companies necessary? 

Simple answer?  Yes. Yes, it is. 

For any website, regardless of the type of business, it was built for, SEO is the very best, most effective way to get quality leads. 

It’s simple really. Even if you stop pumping money into campaigns, the solid foundation SEO sets for you will have a constant stream of visitors knocking on your digital door. 

SEO for window treatment companies is the process of bettering your digital presence to rank higher on search engines, specifically on Google. SEO can be applied not just to a business website, but also to digital assets and local business listings. When you search for “local window treatment companies”, it won’t tell you who’s the best at the job. It’ll show you who’s got the best SEO team. Cynical, yes. True, also yes. 

If you’re looking to know how much local SEO for window treatment companies costs, we can’t give you a definitive answer. Sorry. Why? Because it’s subjective. You can spend as much or as little as you want to. But if you’re looking for an approximation, you’re looking at spending anywhere between $5 – $50 per hour based on the resources allocated to your business at the given time.

What does window treatment SEO get you?

If you want the short answer, SEO will ultimately get more visitors to your website and thereby increase brand awareness. And your SEO strategists will go through a whole rigmarole to get you there to the prized position.

What’s included in our SEO services:

Competitor analysis: 

Our SEO team will conduct a thorough analysis of key competitors in the locality. Once we find them, we’ll root out the keywords they target and set our sights on outranking them. Through strategic planning, we’ll track the progress through monthly search volumes, and show you very real, very measurable results. 

Quality content 

Publishing relevant, well-written content to your site helps local search rankings. It also makes for a seamless user experience. While creating said content is time-consuming, our team of experts finds the best topics that bring visitors to your page. What’s more, they’ll even place Call-to-action’s to help convert them to clients. 

Technical audits

It’s basic, but it needs doing. And maintaining. And fixing when needed. So that’s where a good SEO agency can help. Because at the very root of it all, the necessary certifications are the foundation on which a strong website stands. 

Optimizing Google My Business (GMB)

Your ticket to getting more leads if done correctly. A focused approach is always the best kind of approach. And when you have someone who is experienced in the matter, it becomes so much easier. 


If this has convinced you of the need for an SEO agency, get in touch and we’ll conduct an audit. If you need more, check out how we increased a home improvement business’s leads 8X in 7 months! While it was one of the many phenomenal successes our SEO team has seen, it is a tried and tested strategy that is tailored for each client uniquely. 

So choose to invest in SEO services for your business. Think of it as your digital investment, because sooner or later, you’re going to see the returns you paid for. 

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