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5 Life (and Hour) Saving MarTech Tools for Insurance Companies

Need insurance marketing ideas? Sure you do! In an industry that was used to thriving on face-to-face business and is now moving out of that very cozy comfort zone, it’s clear that what worked for new policyholders 15 years ago is no longer going to cut it.

Going digital is far more than just the mandatory checkboxes on the social media big 4 – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Today, customers look beyond generic to a more personal experience. From prospecting and lead generation to branding, marketing is an essential piece of the puzzle.


But most insurance professionals will tell you the same story – promoting the product takes them away from what really matters to them. Selling.


There’s no doubt that traditional marketing takes time. But introducing yourself to a broader range of people and reinforcing you stand as a strong player to your existing clientele is crucial to long term success.


Thankfully, strategies evolve. Both innovative and intelligent, marketing technology now makes life super simple. Here are some of the latest MarTech tools that we think would work wonders for an insurance company:


Social Media Scheduler:

Social media is one marketing strategy that applies to every business, and insurance is no different. While a professional, yet personal, social media page can bring in prospects by the droves, posting daily on social media can be rather mundane and take you away from enrollments.


A simple martech solution would be a scheduler. From scheduling your posts weeks in advance, you can plan to optimize posts for engagement, increase efficiency, and encourage sales, all at the same time.


Some great social media schedulers are:






Pro tip:

Choose an employee advocacy platform to amplify the posts on your brand page and reach a wider audience by leveraging employees as social media brand ambassadors. SocioAdvocacy is one such platform.


Social Media Content Curator:

A scheduler is great, but only if you have a consistent stream of quality engaging content to While we have no objection to one’s ability to get creative, it is time-consuming. But, once again, thanks to the innovation of marketing technology, you don’t have to worry about that!


Applications such as news aggregators gauge your interest and industry and curate content that will make you a thought leader in your industry. From changes in the market and health and lifestyle tips, they’ll have you covered.


Some of the best content curation tools are:






Pro Tip:

Use a link shortener like Bitly to link back to your website from your social media feed.

Automated Email Marketing

This year, 90% of all internet users in the US will be using email, every month. So there’s still no disputing that email marketing is still the most cost-effective way to reach new prospects.


While this is true, the fact that stand-alone emails seldom work is also true. Email marketing best benefits from cadences – a series of emails that keep your brand on the top of the minds of your prospects. Make this effective strategy even more efficient with an automated email marketing tool. Some of the best available are:






With industry and need-based templates readily available, these tools take the effort out of email marketing and give you the extra time you need to get selling.


Pro Tip:

Find an email list scrubber before you start your email strategy. You’ll be surprised at the number of work emails that are no longer functional. Bulk Mail Checker is a great option.


Edivo – Video Editor

Today, Video has taken over the world and marketing teams bank on videos to go viral.  If the Insurance industry is known for one thing, it has to be the army of agents it has to work with.

Now imagine if every marketing video made could be personalized with each agent’s details – Name, Contact number, location, photo, the whole deal. They’ll share it, your prospects will have a direct line to the person need to contact, not just a switchboard!


And all this in a matter of minutes for hundreds of agents.  All with the innovation of one super simple martech tool – Edivo.


Pro Tip:

Personalization is soon becoming the differentiator in the “hyper-personalized” experience that most consumers now look for!


Survey Tool

Any marketer worth his salt will tell you that a campaign is only as good as the numbers say it is. So is in the case of insurance. Learn what your existing customers think of you, and a survey tool such as Survey Monkey or SurveyPal will help you learn just that.


Keep it simple, and remember that consumers are no longer averse to sharing their opinions as long as they see value in it.


Pro Tip:

If measuring success is on your mind, also consider an analytics tool to track success on your website. Google Analytics, Woopra and Heap Analytics are a few noteworthy options.

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