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LinkedIn Marketing: New Features and the 2019 Roadmap

One of the questions we’re asked most frequently by clients and new prospects both – what’s happening with Facebook?

While I totally agree that Facebook has become a box to check in the grand scheme of social media marketing, it’s the other platforms that are taking center stage – Instagram for B2C and LinkedIn for B2B.

Given that Linkedin is now seeing record levels of engagement, we’re going to stick to this platform for the purpose of this blog and highlight all the recent updates that have contributed to the recent 24% increase in platform sessions.


Tag connections in photos

LinkedIn may have shown up a little late to the party, but better late than never. Now let your connections know when you upload a photo that includes them!

React; more than just Like

Just liking was never going to be enough. Opinions are more easily expressed with the new reactions added. While similar to Facebook, these reactions have a clear professional flavor to them.

Videos in messenger

Messenger apps are taking over conversations and even surpassing newsfeeds. LinkedIn is no different. Businesses rejoiced when Video was allowed on the platform. And now you can share with messaging too!


Share PPT’s and PDF’s

Pictures may be the language of Instagram, but a PDF or Slide Presentation is the primary currency for communication in the business world. From ideas, pitches, and information, now share your presentations in your feed, groups, or pages.


Back in March this year, we attended a product roadmap for LinkedIn and trust us when we say, the line-up is a dream for most businesses. Here are a few things they’ll be launching in the near future, June to December 2019.


1. Live streaming for company pages

Live videos come with their own flair – the need to be the first to know something is a strong pull. From product launches, webinars, Q&A sessions with influencers; the applications are limitless. We’re certain this one’s going to get a lot of early adopters, so gear up!


2. Video stories

Stories did to the newsfeed what Uber did to your taxi search – it just made it better. With stories taking over every other platform, LinkedIn too will be introducing the better way for its members to share information in the next month.


3. Conversation ads in Messenger

It’s no secret that messaging apps have a better open rate than most other means of advertising. Dynamically delivered to whenever someone logs in to the app or website, this one is sure to grab some eyeballs.


4. Events

Similar to Facebook events, now announce, invite, and engage with attendees. Already in the test phase with 200 companies, this feature is scheduled for release to others in September this year.


5. B2B product reviews – for 2020

Can you hear the angels singing! On the same platform as your prospects, B2B companies will have user reviews too! Pretty much the same as G2Crowd, but the convenience of it all is something that we’re certain that most companies (and users) will look forward to.


6. Better targeting for Ad campaigns

LinkedIn plans to improve its ad services too with interest targeting (complete with a Bing integration on what people search for), custom audience targeting, and look-alike targeting. They’re also bringing in retargeting on video ads! But we’re going to have to hold our horses on that one; it’s in the test phase for 2019!


7. Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Speaking directly to the decision makers in large companies is going to get a lot easier. With ABM, LinkedIn users will be able to engage with 6-12 people in large enterprises who are the shot callers. You can actually try this out now!


8. Adobe Experience Manager and Hubspot Integration

Have CRM data? LinkedIn will now allow you to pull that data straight to the platform and target them. Easy peasy.


LinkedIn has always been a B2B company’s favorite playground, and for those, it would seem like LinkedIn will (finally) be introducing the toys they’ve been petitioning for.


For those who aren’t as active on the platform, these new features are going to give you the (several) reasons to include LinkedIn in your marketing strategy.

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