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“Marketing For Your Future” with Gaurav Mendiratta from SocioSquares

Cindy: Hello, and welcome to another episode of marketing for your future. I’m your host Cindy Ashraf from the daily ad brief coming to you from New York City. And on the other side of the country, from the San Francisco Bay area, we have Gaurav Mendiratta, and he is from sociosquares. 

Hello, Gaurav.

Rav: Hi, Cindy, thank you so much for having me.

Cindy: Oh, my goodness, we are so thrilled to have you on the show today. Tell us a little bit about your business.

Rav: Absolutely Socio squares is an 11-year-old digital marketing company. We are focused on lead generation, social media, and software development. We like to say that landing leads is where our business leads. And we have a secret sauce for that.

Cindy: I love the other secret sauce for leads. I was actually looking at your website. And it says there that you can increase leads by four to eight times. Now I know that you can’t tell us your secret sauce. But can you give us one insight into why most people are struggling with increasing their leads?

Rav: Absolutely. Cindy, as you have seen online reviews, and I’m sure when you buy anything online, you look at the reviews before you buy. But in the last few years, online reviews have really become important for small businesses as well. And when these small businesses showcase their online reviews on their website, they will either put them in a footer or they’ll put it up on a different page on the website, making it harder for the website visitors to find the good reviews. And even if they find them, they are just copy-pasted on the client websites. And they don’t show that they were coming from a trusted source like Google reviews or Yelp or another site. And this leads to poor conversion to leads.

Cindy: Gaurav, this is really interesting because most of the time, when I ask a question around leads, I get to talk about local SEO versus global SEO. And I love the direction you’re going because what it seems to me that you’re saying is that it’s all about know like and trust. And it’s important to be showcasing that you know, like, and trust from verified sources. And I think that’s absolutely brilliant. So my next question for you has to do with what’s coming in the future, which is web 3.0. Tell us about what changes you’re seeing around that.

Rav: Web 3.0 has been huge. And I’m sure you have read and seen so much about NFT is about crypto. I mean, now we are going through a bearish market. But NFTs is non-fungible tokens. They’re starting out on the art space and the music space. But we see that growing into every space. For example, today, the home buying process requires four to six weeks of the title search. And even if a homeowner would put down an offer to buy a home, they can’t close for at least three to four weeks. With blockchain and crypto and web three, this would matter. This will become a matter of hours if I want to buy a house. And if an NFT is available for that house, I can make the purchase within hours. And all this will impact digital marketing and how you position your assets in the form of NFTs and market them. So that’s a big trend which is coming.

Cindy: Again, you continue to give us insights that we don’t really hear on marketing for your future. I’ve had people talk about blockchain and NFT, but no one has actually told us that it will allow you to close on a house faster and will allow you to speed up transactions. That’s really quite remarkable. So when you are working with a new client, what is the first thing that you do with them to build their strategy?

Rav: Absolutely. So most of the clients we work with they’re looking for lead generation, getting more and better quality leads online. So we start with positioning their reviews in the right way. On the website, we have a very powerful reviews widget which actually lifts our client’s leads by at least 25% from the same amount of people coming to the website without even running any ad campaigns without even doing any additional SEO or reviews visit would just help their lift their leads by 25%. And then, we start with the other things, which will be PPC optimizing their web presence for SEO and beyond. We also work with startups and develop cool NFTs and NFT marketing strategies, but that’s a completely different side of the business.

Cindy: Gaurav, thank you so much. This has been extraordinarily enlightening. Just has given our viewers a really good insight and shift into other aspects of marketing We don’t always think about, so thank you so much for being on the show today.

Rav: I’m glad you found this useful. Thank you so much for having me.

Cindy: Absolutely. And for those of you watching, thank you for tuning in to yet another episode, Gaurav. Please go to daily artbrief.com, and we will see you in another episode very soon.

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