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SEO 2020-21 OFF-Page Strategies for Small Business

Search Engine Optimization is a general approach to advancing your website’s rank in Google’s SERP. Lacking this, it may be challenging for small businesses to rank on the desired first page. Both large and small businesses fight to get their website ranked on the first page. Large businesses have money to spend on marketing campaigns but small businesses have a minimum deposit on their marketing expenditure. Nevertheless, with honest hard work, good knowledge in the SEO domain, and arranging the tasks correctly, it won’t be difficult to rank on top positions on search engines. 

What is Off-Page SEO?

In simple terms, Off-Page SEO constitutes everything that you can work on outside your website to improve your SERP rank. You can do this through profile building, guest blogging, email outreach, influencer outreach programs, etc. These are a few methods that are used for off-page SEO.

Off-Page SEO assists search engines to recognize your website, the services you provide, or the products you sell. Getting linked from genuine and relevant sites will actively support you to increase your rank on SERP.


Competitors’ Backlink Research

Conducting backlink research on a competitor guides you towards developing a strategy for your website which allows you to stand out from the competition in the market.

Performing this research helps you to get details on how your competitors are working to improve their online presence and the source of articles and websites that link to them. This way, you can uncover thousands of potential link opportunities for your website and take advantage of the same.

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Blog and Article Submissions

Blogs and article submission is a simple and effective way to build backlinks for your website. It helps to build effective and long term backlinks from popular websites which have good domain authority.

It serves your audience with valuable information and builds trust. This method also gets you some traffic to your website through the anchor keywords that you have placed in the content.


Infographic Submissions

Infographics are basically visual representations of information that gives the user an easy to understand overview of a particular topic. They are the best way to present text content in visual creativity. Infographics are popular among brands and various businesses. This method describes a message in a colorful, engaging and informative way. These infographics can be posted on a blog post and shared on social media platforms. You can give various other bloggers in your niche to use your infographics on their blog post by giving the credits to you on their blog posts.


Video Submission

Video submission is one of the strongest processes of off-page SEO. This method helps in creating brand awareness for your website, your products and services, and helps you reach your targeted audience. It also helps to promote and engage the audience. This technique also aids to boost traffic to your website.


Press Release Submission

A press release submission is a popular off-page strategy to promote your products, services, new launches, and events on the internet to improve the SEO of your site. A press release can also be written on milestones achieved by your company, company anniversaries, office relocations, mergers and acquisitions, and also for the launch of a new website. It should be informative and should generate interest among readers. One can use it to share newsworthy content with the targeted audience. The Press Releases can help your website get featured in Google News and other news sites.


Brand Mentions

Brand Mentions in general are online references of your brand, company, and products. They are valuable and support in building the presence of your brand online. There are various tools online that help you to track and monitor your brand mentions. You can contact the users who have mentioned your brand on the online platform and request them to link back to your website.


Getting Listed on Business Listings

Local SEO means to optimize your website for local search results, e.g. doctors near me, spas near me, etc. or doctors near me (city name), spas near me (city name).To take advantage of this, your website needs to be listed in a good business listing website, the most popular one is Google Business.

Local SEO is a necessary process for local businesses to get business around their vicinity. This is beneficial for restaurants, health practitioners, law firms, schools, coaching classes, salons, and other businesses.   


Social Media Engagement

Posting regularly and creating engagement within your audience about upcoming events or new releases is a great off-page strategy. Redirecting a user from your social media handle to your website will let Google know that multiple visitors are accessing your content.


Every small business has the potential to evolve into a big brand. Working with passion, dedication, and honesty will unquestionably get you results. 

If you need guidance to get your brand to go digital, you can reach out to Sociosquares, a reputed SEO firm in Philadelphia.

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