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Latest technologies and tools in the market are changing the core of the marketing world. Every business is following the latest trends in fear of being left behind. Staying out-dated in this race is risky to both your brand reach and reputation. That’s why we have organized this list of digital marketing trends to ease your efforts.


To stand out in 2020 you need to personalize your marketing through personalized content, emails, products, and much more. A perfect example of personalization can be from Netflix and Amazon where they tailor recommended movie titles and products for you.


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Personalization conveys that your customers are your priority. Companies like Starbucks, Cadbury, Dominos, and many more use personalization in their marketing campaigns. Personalization has always worked depending on how you modify it and how it benefits the customer.


Video Marketing

Video marketing is an important marketing trend today and will likely be for the next 5-10 years. Video content can be used on any social media platform and is highly popular with all audiences. Google even pushes videos with relevant links which improves your rankings.

video marketing

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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is always “in”. It’s so successful, that big-league influencers now call the shots.

Influencer marketing

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But small businesses still prefer working with small and medium-sized influencers. These affordable micro-influencers usually bring in more engagement than macro-influencers, because they have fewer followers, they can devote more personal time to each one. Besides, it’s more comfortable to practice in a niche with small influencers.


Interactive emails

Email Marketing is used to pull attention. In a recent study, the numbers looked like they were slowing down. But instead of dropping this productive channel, digital marketers are improving it with a fresh coat of cosmetics.

Interactive emails

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Plain text emails and newsletters are seeing the trash bin more often these days, while pixel-perfect emails with attractive designs and CTA buttons are piquing the interest of users. These designs do more than just influence, they develop progress. Users are more inclined to click stylized buttons with images than plain-text links.


Alternative Social Media Channels

Facebook and Twitter both have always been in trend. However, other social media platforms have joined the race and are working on how they can dominate their competitors and create their own user base.

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But the journey has already begun. Alternative social media channels are now seeing new investment and encouraging growth levels.


Content Marketing

Content marketing remains to be an indispensable element of digital marketing, although there’s rising importance on the difference in content formats. While quality cannot be compromised, the emphasis is also given to context and targeting. 

content marketing

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Google is generating a more difficult, more complex perception of online content. And so, marketers must evaluate their target market and how they can curate more specific content.


Voice Search

Voice Search is in demand and people are liking it. Users enjoy using assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google. Deciding a voice search strategy is not about checking relevant information, it is about designing a unique and optimized user experience that will nurture connections and create brand integrity.

voice searchThings have always moved fast in the digital marketing society, and these trends are the most notable and interactive. To elevate your brand’s presence &  to build a long-lasting impact, a brand needs to opt for Digital Marketing Services in Philadelphia from Sociosquares who always keep their clients on track with the latest digital marketing trends.

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