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Why Your Roofing Business should try out Google Guarantee Ads

There’s a power in the term ‘Guarantee’ that not only gains the attention of customers but also wins their trust. And if that term is backed by a name that’s the absolute go-to place for hundreds of millions of customers around the world, it delivers an advantage that’s unmatched. A Google Guaranteed Ad is a great tool for businesses that are looking to increase high quality leads in the shortest time, in the most cost-effective way possible.

1) A badge that spells trust:

Earning the trust of customers is by no means an easy task. But when Google steps in and gives you a recommendation, you no longer need to go out looking for customers because they’ll come looking for you. A ‘Google Guaranteed’ ad appears at the top of search results and the green color badge with a white checkmark tells customers that you’re a roofer who’s trusted and recommended by Google in that area.

2) Pay only when someone clicks:

There’s a difference between a customer who’s window-shopping and a customer who has a serious intent to buy. With Google Guarantee ads, you’ll only be charged when customers click on your ad to get location details / directions or to get in touch with your business.

3) Leave the herd behind:

Money cannot buy a Google Guarantee. These ads can only be run by businesses who pass Google’s screening procedure and meet all necessary qualification guidelines. What this means is, when you run a Google Guaranteed ad, you’ll be at the top of the search results along with only a few chosen businesses, and not at the bottom of the page hoping to be noticed in a crowd of roofers.

4) Earn reviews that are positive and valued:

In a world of fake reviews, the reviews left by customers for a Google verified and guaranteed business are the real deal. Customers seeing positive reviews about your Google Guaranteed business don’t have to waste their time and energy in scouting multiple platforms for more reviews because, when Google says you’re good, you’re good. Period.  

5) Get leads that match your needs:

As a business, you would no doubt have answered calls that are not really relevant to your service offering. So how do you ensure every call that you get means business? By understanding the profile of your business and the customers you’re targeting, a Google Guaranteed ad will land you customers who’re perfectly matched to your business. This means, you’re not just enhancing your business’s visibility in local areas but doing it among customers who’re genuinely seeking the services offered by your business.

6) Land leads and then take things forward:

Imagine an ally that doesn’t stop its job on just landing you solid leads. With the Leads Management Dashboard, you’ll be able  to not just track calls and leads but also reply, take bookings, send confirmation emails or even decline orders when you’re overbooked with customers who’re making a beeline for your services.

7) Pause your ads on busy days:

The tracking feature also gives you another advantage. The facility to put your ads on hold on your busy days. This way, you won’t be paying for ads that’ll get you leads that you cannot handle.

The generation of leads that convert into service appointments and not disappointment is every growing business’s top priority. We hope this blog will help you get one of the most powerful and proven lead generation tools out there to start working for you. So while you go about looking for a roofing SEO company, roofing SEO services or local SEO for contractors, make it a point to include Google Guaranteed Ads in your lead generation strategy. Because as the wise SEO expert says, while success may or may not be guaranteed, getting results for the right strategy definitely is.

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