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Grab your smartphone, log in to Facebook, and scroll through your feed. 

Most of the content you see will be videos. And why wouldn’t you? Over 500 million people watch videos on Facebook every day. That’s half a billion! It’s no secret that video has become the format of choice when it comes to content consumption today. 

Consumers love it. And with the ability to bring a story alive, brands love it too! 

And it’s not just our opinion. Studies show that: 

  • 87% of online marketers use video content 
  • By 2021, 17% of all content on the internet will be videos
  • There’s a 97% probability that a user may make the purchase after watching a video about the product

From stories to interactive live’s, everyone is looking for the “newest” way to leverage videos in their marketing strategy. So that begs the question, what’s next?

We think it’s going to be the personalization of videos. 

Soon the days of creating one video for a product launch or explainer video will be gone. Consumers want to know that they are valued. And how do we show them that? By speaking directly to them of course. 

The extra effort to analyze big data and break it down into more than just a merge name tag on in your marketing emailer will not go unnoticed.

Here are 5 reasons businesses need to start personalizing videos. Soon. 


Empower your sales team. Have a product launch video? Personalize it for each dealer and agent. Include their name, photograph, contact details and more. Seems like a lot? Get yourself a video personalization software and create hundreds of personalized videos in as long as it took you to read this! 

Not only will your team want to share it, prospects now have a real person to call. Instead of a standard toll-free number. 

Personalized how-to videos and explanatory videos that speak directly to the customer only improve the convenience and experience for the buyer.  


Your clients want personal attention. Nay, they demand it. A festive greeting or a special discount sent to them with a video birthday message will make their day. 

To a brand, it may be as easy as uploading a CSV sheet and selecting a template, but it will ensure brand loyalty for a long time to come. 


Emails are the most used means of promotion. But because it’s so widely used, brands have to constantly come up with ways to break through inbox clutter. By simply adding a personalized video to your emailer, you’ll have an engaging and economical option to market your product. 

Say hello to better a better CTR, which in turn will up the conversion too! 


Research shows that nearly 30% of all internet users use ad-blockers. It’s not surprising seeing as the average American is exposed to nearly 4000 ads a day. So to create that thumb-stopping piece of content, it needs to really be something they’ve not seen before. 

You get to do that with personalized content. Because it’s in its nascent stage, brands now have the chance to be front runners. All a brand really wants is to provide the right content to the right audience. 

And a personalized video could help win the engagement game. 


Personalized videos can help you draw top resources from the talent pool. Give job seekers into your company culture and work environment. Everything from fun team building activities, events, and other occasions. 

It will undoubtedly connect you to the most ideal candidates and set the bar for employer branding.

Everybody likes to hear a good story, and videos are the best storytelling medium. From promoting your products and your brand to improving recruitment and sales, get started with personalizing your content before you miss the bus.