How Employee Advocacy Programs Help Increase Brand Awareness

Just like people across the globe have changed this year, marketing strategies have evolved to attract and retain customers. Much like the fast moving world, communication and the channels used for it, change or emerge to fill the void between a product/service and its potential users. This year, several different communication trends and channels were introduced to help marketers continuously connect with their audience.

Proper Planning

Proper planning is key when trying to achieve success with the help of employee advocacy. You need to have a clear understanding of what your plan and purpose is. Pressuring your employees into constantly sharing updates will not work. Instead, set achievable goals in advance for the organisation and employees about what is hoped to be achieved from every employee interaction. A clear path, and distributing campaigns as per the assumed social circle of an employee, will help make this process a lot more effective. 

Employee Engagement

Involving your employees with fun engagement activities is one way to get on the road to success. It is to be expected that while one idea works wonders with a group of employees, others may not be interested. So be sure to plan for a mix of engaging activities for the different types of employees a company has. 

Another surefire way of benefiting business with your employee engagement is to engage them on a trending topic. Convert your employee engagement into a campaign and you have relevant, trending content going up on the company page. 

Take Your Time With The Content

Before sharing anything on social media, make sure it is genuinely good. This small measure will help you create and curate quality content that will hold your employee’s interest and encourage them to share it forward. 

Content shared by employees gets 7 times more engagement and is usually forwarded 25 times more, giving you more engagement than even the original update on the official brand page. 


Employee advocacy programs can certainly be used to have some fun and give every employee a chance to get involved. 

Set up contests for the most reshared post, best unique repost caption, or the most liked post. Offer points, medals, badges, to employees who are active advocates. This can foster healthy competition among employees and help incentivise the process, leading to increased participation. 

Never Stop Learning

Every step you take towards employee engagement, hit or miss, will be a valuable addition to your employee advocacy knowledge. Trying new methods, implementing new measures, will all help you learn, and train others, to better engage employees. 

Gather metrics to keep a track of your progress and  keep a record of your employees’ social media presence and know how. This will help you find individual employees who need additional training or assistance in meeting their advocacy goals. 

Brands that have invested in a solid employee advocacy program have noticed positive results in areas like lead generation, brand awareness, employee engagement, and landing top industry talent.

Social media is a tricky game to win. But with an army of advocates, already invested in your company’s growth, winning can be a breeze for you.   

Funnel Marketing Strategies: Steps To Increase Sales

Are you uncertain about using funnel marketing as part of your digital marketing strategy? Well, this article can certainly help you make up your mind. 

Funnel Marketing has different stages from brand awareness to conversion. It is a journey which we have broken down into various steps. According to AHREFS, marketing funnel gives you a better perception of how to attract and convert customers to your business and this is how you can use it to your advantage. 

Why is it Important?

A high quantity of leads come from the starting stage of the funnel, and as they move through each stage more and more of those leads get extracted. So, producing a powerful marketing funnel is extremely important. Therefore, the question arises, how do you keep leads flushing down the marketing/sales funnel? The following points will help you understand each stage: 


Getting your brand discovered should be your first objective. Most of the strategy depends on this stage of the funnel. You can use SEO, paid marketing campaigns, social media marketing, etc. to get visitors to your website. 

While executing a strategy, make sure you target the relevant audience to generate traffic for your website and convert them into potential leads.

Work on your SEO strategy, spend time on research about what competitors are doing and where they rank on Google SERP. Paid marketing can work in your favour as well. Bidding on the right keywords can put you one step higher when a customer intends to search for the service/services you provide. 

Social Media is the right tool for raising awareness and connecting personally with your customers. You can run specially curated campaigns for brand awareness to get featured, and recognized by the potential audience.


Once the awareness stage is done, it’s time for you to nourish your leads and generate sales by building significant relationships with, and interest within your potential customers. This is important because they already want to know more about your products and services.

In this stage, customers have already entered the funnel and now it is up to you to pursue the relationship and convert the lead into a sale with your marketing efforts.

The best way to keep their interest peek and to engage them is with the commutation of information. Create a social influence to help your potential customer choose you while comparing your services with your competitors’.


Creating a desire for your brand and services in your customer and taking that desire from ‘like’ to ‘want’ develops an emotional connection. This act helps define a brand’s personality. And it can only happens when you immediately connect with the customer using online chat, prompt responses through twitter feeds, share advice, tips etc. 

If the message you give while advertising the product matches the intention of a customer, fulfilling their needs will immediately create desire towards the product/service.   


This is the last stage in the funnel and it starts when your customer is well acquainted with the services and products you deliver. This is when they decide whether they are fully interested or not.

This part will be the payback for your efforts and dedication. But make sure that these leads should turn into returning customers. And to do that you have to put in extra effort and sustain the relationship.

A repeat customer is always accessible to sell to and holds a 70% possibility of conversion. 

You must continue creating unique and engaging content, and a unique experience with your marketing.

Creating a superior marketing funnel will help escalate your business to the next level. And help you innovate new content using data-driven creativity. Ultimately, your customer experience improves, and you earn their loyalty and build brand trust. 

Simply placing every aspect together will not get you overnight success. It requires a lot of strategic and analytical thinking. It is better to try various approaches, and you develop a powerful perception of how to engage leads at every step of the funnel. 

The trial and error method can help generate a higher number of conversions and sales using digital marketing strategies.

How to Create High-Quality Links for Websites

Creating backlinks is the most powerful way to grow your SEO ranking and traffic. High-quality backlinks pointing towards your website are an important search ranking element.

Valuable backlinks are the links that turn up from quality websites. Investigating such backlinks improves search engines’ understanding of how popular your website is.

SEO 2020-21 OFF-Page Strategies for Small Business

Search Engine Optimization is a general approach to advancing your website’s rank in Google’s SERP. Lacking this, it may be challenging for small businesses to rank on the desired first page. Both large and small businesses fight to get their website ranked on the first page. Large businesses have money to spend on marketing campaigns but small businesses have a minimum deposit on their marketing expenditure. Nevertheless, with honest hard work, good knowledge in the SEO domain, and arranging the tasks correctly, it won’t be difficult to rank on top positions on search engines. 

Top PPC Advertising Strategies and Tips in 2020

Pay per click advertising, also known as PPC advertising has become one of the most admired and productive marketing means. It allows all types of companies to advertise over the globe. PPC marketing campaigns can be created to do anything; boost new sales, get leads for your business, or even promote brand identity. 


Latest technologies and tools in the market are changing the core of the marketing world. Every business is following the latest trends in fear of being left behind. Staying out-dated in this race is risky to both your brand reach and reputation. That’s why we have organized this list of digital marketing trends to ease your efforts.


Voice search sounded fun when it was new. People treated it like any other new feature on their phone or laptop. But from then until now, the popularity of voice search has only increased and several leading brands have started using it as a tool. 


“Do not go gentle into that good night.”

If there was ever a time to start living by these famous words by Dylan Thomas, that time is now. After all, with the goings on of COVID-19, every industry in every corner of the world has faced tremendous challenges. Today, this blog takes a look at what’s going on in these sectors. And the one common thing that can come to their rescue. In other words, it’s a blog that offers a survival kit to businesses during COVID-19.